The Corona Diaries – Day 604

I got up to bright sunshine and took a walk up my hill. the temperature was 15 degrees in late November. The weather is more akin to the beginning of October. Flowers are out. I ate four juicy blackberries growing outside my house. Unbelievable. I’m used to dreary fog, drizzle and cold this time of year. Global warming is gathering pace and playing havoc with nature’s cycles.

Back home I’ve been playing Beefheart and Huey ‘Piano’ Smith. A great combination.

The Beefheart book is coming along – up to 170 pages now. Interpreting some of Don’s poems and songs is not an easy task! It’s like entering into a strange alien world. Fun though.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the sleaze continues. There are a number of Tory MPs, including the loathsome Lord Snooty, being targeted because of their blatant profiteering and vested interests. About time. That arrogant prick has made millions out of both Brexit and Covid. He’s a slimy git. It’s about time that he and his profiteering chums are given their comeuppance.

So, we’ve had:

donations for favours

Backhanders and bribes

Wallpaper, holidays, wine and restoration

Billions of pounds of untendered contracts to Tory chums

Peerages for cash

Illegal lobbying

Tory MPS acting as advisers opposing government policy

A revolving door into lucrative jobs

Huge sums paid to MPs for next to nothing – to assist tax evasion and to lobby government

Tory MPs working abroad earning a million or two

Breaking international law

Flouting rules and laws

MPs earning fortunes instead of concentrating on running the country

And that’s just the stuff we know about!! What promises, bribes and underhand stuff has been going on? Is this just the tip of an iceberg of corruption??

All these Tories care about is feathering their own nests. They’ve made no attempt to block up tax loopholes – far from it. They’ve been robbing the poor and giving to the rich. Austerity only affects those at the bottom. Multimillion pound bonuses, tax havens and obscene pay is for the rich.

Working-class fools actually voted for these arrogant self-servers!!

It wouldn’t be so bad if they were competent at what they do but they’ve been absolutely useless! They’ve made a mess of Brexit – costing us how many tens of Billions?. They’ve made a mess out of Covid – unless you’re a Tory donor that is – causing tens of thousands of needless deaths. They’ve made a mess of the NHS, Care and policing. Education is in a state. Then there’s the HGV, fruit pickers, skill shortages, energy prices, petrol prices, rising inflation, fishing, farming, wars with the French, Afghanistan, HS2 and on it goes.

We’re borrowing so much now generations will be paying it off.

Is there anything they’ve done well in the last twelve years?? Austerity?? National Debt??

It’s scary!!

Yet these people have orchestrated scaremongering against Corbyn and refuse to go on TV and explain their own policies in case they might have to justify the unjustifiable. They run scared of any inspection of what they do. They do not want their actions scrutinised.

So as they load the BBC with Tory clones, control the tabloid press and run their vendettas against the poor and public servants, they are so arrogant they think they can continue to pull the wool over the eyes of working-class voters.

Are the working-class that stupid? We’ll see.

So, yesterday the numbers soared back up to 46,858 new cases with another 199 deaths. So much for this coming down!!

On the continent, Germany has reached our level and is talking about locking down fully. Austria is locking down and bringing in mandatory vaccination!! That’ll please the antivaxxers!!

Over here there’s a mild suggestion that we might consider wearing masks – but apart from that it’s back to normal!!

But not for me!! I wear masks and distance even though I’m now triple vaccinated.

The latest info is that the first person to go down with covid was a seafood vendor in Wuhan. If that is right it rather blows the conspiracy theories out of the water.

Stay safe!! It’s OK. I’m sure they’ll be plenty more conspiracy theories to fall for!!

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