The Corona Diaries Day 512

Another warm day in Yorkshire. Nice when the sun came out. Took one of my grandsons around the village to see the farm animals and get some eggs. Then it was off for a BBQ.

I’ve been playing games all day!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland – the horror in Afghanistan is unimaginable as the Taliban gestapo go door to door hunting for the people who helped our soldiers. One can only imagine their fate. They are threatening their families too! It’s what a nightmare looks like – except it’s real. This is what religion looks like!

There are a lot of questions regarding our dear Billy Bunter and his rabble:

Why did they drag their feet in getting our Afghan helpers out before the Taliban arrived? They had months.

Why did they not rush them out when the Taliban were at the outskirts of the city? They had time.

Why did they insist on paperwork instead of hurrying to save lives??

Why was their intelligence so inept that they did not foresee what was going to happen??

Why is Dominic Raab still in office?

Dominic Raab was on holiday. He couldn’t be bothered to pick up the phone to help save thousands of lives. How can such a callous bastard live with his conscience?

As the screams resound around Kabul. As the interpreters and their families are tortured and the fortunate one shot. As the unlucky are stoned and behead. Do their agonies trouble Dominic? I hope he enjoyed his holiday!!

Here in the UK there were another 36,572 new cases yesterday with 113 deaths. The scientists say that it has yet to peak. This is despite 91% of the adults having antibodies. People are becoming re-infected. Really bad news for the unvaccinated. As it spreads fast through the population their risks increase and their risk of death or severe illness is very high.

The increase is greatest in the young – which they are blaming on festivals, clubbing and pubs. The areas of greatest numbers are in holiday areas where people are travelling, bringing the virus with them and spreading it in cafes and restaurants, pubs and indoor spaces.

The country is pretending the pandemic is over. Life is back to normal. Except it isn’t over and worse is to come.

After the Tory MPs did their usual complacent poor example by not wearing masks in parliament it is to be hoped that they all catch a bad dose. They deserve it!!

The decision to give a third jab is under consideration. The latest indications are that immunity drops off quite rapidly. The tailing off is worse in Pfizer than AstraZeneca. Do we rejab our most vulnerable or sort out the rest of the world?

Wouldn’t it be good to have someone capable in charge?

Stay Safe!

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