The Corona Diaries – Day 493

A gloomy, cold, wet day rainy day in Yorkshire. Good for the garden. Not good for me!

I’ve spent the day listening to Frank Zappa while sorting out photos and clippings for the next Roy Harper book. This morning I posted off the last of the Harper books. I’m sold out! That’s good! It’s been a bit tiring signing, packaging and posting but I’m not complaining. I’ve received some really nice responses from people. It seems that they are all enjoying the book.

I now have to decide whether to go for a walk around town or not. It’s still drizzly and I’ve got a lot of photos to sort! I’ll decide in a little while.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the mystery undeepens. The numbers have dropped to 29,622 new cases yesterday, which is strange. What is emerging is that it’s a false figure. Many people are deleting their apps. People are ignoring pings. They don’t want to miss work or holidays and seemingly don’t care who they infect in the process. I can understand some people being desperate. If they can’t work where’s the money coming from. The government needs to act and pay them. But with 600,000 pings the number isolating is getting ridiculous. It is still selfish.

The other factor is that people are not testing. They don’t want to test in case they are positive and have to miss work or holidays. So fewer tests; fewer positives.

The third factor is that schools are out so kids are not being regularly tested.

The drop is probably a false result. The real numbers, as revealed by sewage testing, is much higher.

People are now swanning about as if there is no Covid. They think it’s all over! It will be when they get it!

There were another 68 deaths yesterday taking the total up to 129,583. A terrible toll.

Hospital admissions are up 18.9%. The deaths lag behind two weeks.

This isn’t over.

Concern is that the young are not coming forward for jabs. They foolishly believe all the silly US propaganda and are scared. So much for British bravery and Blitz spirit. Timid scaredy-cats. So much for community spirit. They don’t care about others. Selfishness rules.

These kids are gullible fools. The only reason the death-rate is down is because of vaccination. They can die too. The only way out of this pandemic and for us all to regain our freedom is through herd immunity through vaccination.

Refusing vaccination is selfish and cowardly.

Long Covid is a real factor for young people. They are dicing with death and serious illness that could ruin them for life. Silly people to believe this internet garbage from silly right-wing Americans. They are risking their future for silly propaganda. Young people in hospital is at its highest level ever. Good luck with your ventilators.

As for me – I’m safely double jabbed and still in my bubble. I’m not taking risks while the levels remain so high!

Catch you later.

Stay safe!!

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