Is the UK fast becoming an Authoritarian State under Patel and Johnson?

It is quite incredible how those who come from immigrants seek to impose the harshest regime on fellow immigrants. They are treated abominably, like criminals. Their crime is to seek safety.

What this extreme right-wing government is seeking to do under the camouflage of Brexit and Covid is to tighten control over the State, evade any scrutiny or resistance, crush protest and bring in draconian punishments for criticism. They seek to fully control the media and use it as a propaganda machine.

Isn’t that what fascist States do?

Behind this bumbling clown image lies a more nasty, devious character.

How many times can Priti Patel break the ministerial code and get away with it?

Is nobody accountable?

What was that trip to Israel to meet up with right-wingers all about? It had Johnson’s full knowledge but not the Prime Minister’s (Theresa May)!

What were they planning? What has Patel got over Johnson? She’s untouchable.

What was this lobbying of government to get PPE contracts for a friend? Were there backhanders for Patel – a sizeable few million stashed in the Caymans?

This piece by Michael Lambert is quite long but well worth listening to. It is very scary

The U.K. is becoming an Authoritarian State under Home Secretary, Priti Patel – YouTube

2 thoughts on “Is the UK fast becoming an Authoritarian State under Patel and Johnson?

  1. Well yes, Opher, welcome to the club! You’re finally starting to “divine” (ho ho) that the politicians are not on the side of us human beings!

    What divides you and me at this point, is that you are still thinking that “Right is wrong, but Left is right.”

    1. I have experience Neil.
      The right is definitely wrong. The left is better.
      Ultimately, for different reasons, they both represent the establishment. They both are obsessed with power.
      In reality – under Labour the poor are looked after better and public services are supported. Pay for public servants is much better.
      Under Tories public services are ALWAYS slashed, the poor are hammered and there are tax cuts and bonuses for the rich.
      No government in my life has been as bad as this one.

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