The Looming Tragedy of the Third Wave!!

When Boris Johnson blundered last Summer and opened up far too soon with his stupid get back to the office, use public transport and eat out to help out, he unleashed a second wave of covid that killed over 60,000 people.

Deja vu.

Groundhog day.

He does not seem to learn anything.

The people who pay for these blunders are in coffins or suffering long-term damage to their lives.

The people who benefit are the Tories like Rees-Mogg who are making millions out of it!!

Boris Johnson is so unfit for office!! He is living it up in style financed by Tory Donors (his low income of only £230,000 a year + perks can’t possibly support his lifestyle!!). Yet he hasn’t paid for a single blunder or atoned for a single death!

Freedom Day looms – better take shelter quick!!

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