47 thoughts on “A Cunning Plan for Covid!!

      1. Thank you! You have to actually post it though otherwise the link won’t work for me because I don’t have permissions on your site

      2. Do you have pics of that scene without the text bubbles? Can’t recognize a “goon” with a text bubble over his face. I’m not that good

      3. I’ve heard that about Monty Python, and I’m not the biggest fan. I liked the one scene where the mint made the guy blow up, and when the accounting team became pirates. Otherwise….not my thing. And I like Fry and Laurie – some of their stuff anyway.

      4. WHHHHAAAATTT!! How can you not like Monty Python??? But, never mind – check out Blackadder – completely different.

      5. I will when i get a chance. I emailed it to myself. but I’m on a hotspot internet, so if it’s longer than like 5 minutes it never loads properly. but my speakers are coming in the next few days, so HOPEFULLY!

        And I have found that in America, the males of the species roll on the floor at Monty Python and the girls patiently wait to watch something else. LOL

      6. Strange that. Here in the UK both genders seem to enjoy them. I think their zany humour has a very English feel though.

      7. That’s probably what it is. It’s British humor which appeals to British people. Just like Woody Allen does not really appeal to all Americans, but certain ones in certain areas very much so

      8. Yes… I like Fry and Laurie, My ex liked Monty Python, I used to love watching Are You Being Served, my sister used to Love Mr. Bean. But not everyone likes the same thing.

      9. It’s Rowan Atkinson with Blackadder – but I only have the one with bubbles – because they’ve all leaked in from your bath to fill everything up!!

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