The Corona Diaries – Day 478

A strange day – quite warm but started cloudy. The afternoon was gorgeous though!!

I’ve been working in the garden and reading – quite a laid-back day!! In the afternoon I walked up my hill. The bloody council have been at it again mowing all the verges and destroying the plants and habitat. Morons!! It really pisses me off!! To morrow I will have another ring and rant!!

I had to have a rant at the power suppliers again today! They are hopeless!!

This morning I was in contact with an American friend telling me about the drought, incredibly high temperatures and massive bushfire. Then friends from Australia did a whatsapp phone call and we talked about the terrible bushfires, temperatures and droughts that were ravaging Australia. It’s the same story in Africa.

The world’s in a mess. Global warming is already causing havoc.

Even so there is the petrochemical industry pouring out propaganda and fools lapping it up. Capitalism loves fossil fuels. They’ve made billions out of it and, like a baby refusing weaning, can’t get their heads around what needs to happen!!

The good news is that finally the sleaze, corruption and lies are beginning to break through with the British public. The bubble is bursting for Boris Johnson. His approval ratings are in free fall and the gap is narrowing!! Perhaps people are waking up to what a twat he is!!

I think the racist shit is cutting through. Most people are not racist. They don’t like our black footballers being abused. They don’t like to see politicians encouraging abuse. Fortunately Britain is not quite like the USA and Trumpian nationalistic jingoism doesn’t quite work the same. Populism backfires. Boris thought he was on a winner.

This bunch of nasty populist fascists are in for a fall!! Their arrogance and complacency will be their downfall. They think we are all gullible idiots. Many of us aren’t.

Not only are they out of touch with the racism but they are out of touch with Covid too! The majority think it is too early to be opening up!! They are scared!! And rightly so!

I was immensely happy to see Bolsonaro hospitalised with hiccups (possible a result of his stabbing – shame he survived it!). I hope it proves to be something terminal!! Can you die of hiccups? I hope so! This is yet another populist twat – in the mold of Trump and Johnson – who is buggering up the world. What he has done to the Amazon rainforest is inexcusable. I wonder how many billion he has squirrelled away? The sell the world for wealthy and power.

Back home we have another of Johnson’s ludicrous vanity projects in the limelight. He wasted £900,000 on a paintjob for the Brexit jet that has only been used once.

Boris Johnson’s ‘Brexit jet’ only flown once in promotional role in past five months after £900k paint job (

then we have Anna Soubry saying that that these Tories are nothing like old Tories. They are Brexiteers, extremists. All the sensible ones have been kicked out of the party.

Even Thatcher would have appeared left-wing compared to this nasty mob.

I notice that the Tories have cancelled the reception at Downing Street. They didn’t want those bolshie footballers having a pop at the atrocious way the Tory shits have been behaving. Supporting booing, gesture politics, what a bunch of bastards.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the fiasco deepens. Johnson thought he was on a winner giving everyone back their freedom! It’s backfired badly!! The Indian variant that the stupid bastard allowed into the country is on the rampage. The third wave is progressing as steeply as the second. There were nearly 50,000 new cases today!! It’s entirely the wrong time to be relaxing all the rules. Hospital cases are rising, deaths are rising and people are scared. Most people do not want to go inside with people not wearing masks. They don’t feel safe! Not only that but their kids are not vaccinated and are now at risk. They might not die but long covid is a real possibility. They fear for their kids. Then there are the 3.8 million vulnerable people with cancers and immune disorders, asthma and respiratory problems. This is another prison sentence for them. Far from Freedom day – this is imprisonment for millions!

I see that the premier league is bringing in Covid passports. The vaccinated will soon live in another world. They’ll be free to travel, go to gigs and go to sporting events while the unvaccinated cower at home.

Then there is the breeding ground for new variants…………………….

One scientist said that this government must be every viruses greatest wish!!

You would think they would have learnt – but they seem to repeat the same mistakes over and over. All around the world the story is the same – countries that opened up – Israel, South Korea, and USA are suffering big surges and have had to bring back masks and distancing! This pandemic has not gone away! We only have 55% of the population vaccinated. The virus has millions to work on. Even countries like Israel, who have had a bigger proportion vaccinated, are suffering!!

Then we have all those pings! 500,000 pings in one week. Millions self-isolating!

We are still in the middle of this nightmare!! The sooner we get competent people in charge the better!!

Stay Safe! Boris says he loves you (but we all know how he lies!!)

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