Poetry – The Axe Will Fall

The Axe Will Fall

So all you politicians, bankers and wealthy crew

Who haven’t paid attention to what we say and do –

Making everybody pay for your selfishness and greed

You should have listened up! You should have paid some heed!

The wrong people have been punished for the sins of the rich

They should have all been locked up for crashing in this ditch.

But they’re still necking champagne without a single care

While we are floundering around – it simply isn’t fair!

The fury it is rising and will come to fall on you!

You greedy politicians, bankers and wealthy crew!

There will come a time when you’ll get what you deserve!

The axe will fall upon your necks – applied without reserve!

Opher 16.9.2018

All this anger is still flooding around. The greedy elite, who are running things for their own ends, are quite happy that Brexit is obfuscating their dirty deeds. Their pay and profits goes on a pace and the tax loopholes protect their grotesque ill-gotten gains. Instead of paying taxes like the rest of us morons they are squirrelling it off-shore.

One day everyone will have had enough!

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