Anna Soubry – This is not the Tory Party – This is the Trumpian style Brexit Party!!

Anna Soubry, a former Tory Minister and not one of my favourite people in the world last night, on Newsnight, summed up my feelings about this bunch of Populist extremists.

This is not the Tory Party as we all knew it (obnoxious as they always were); this is something much worse.

This is a Populist government based on Trumpian principles.

This is the Brexit Party under another guise. The ERG are a bunch of extreme nationalists and Johnson, the clowning buffoon, is really a devious self-serving opportunist.

They are using the same tactics as Trump – appeal to the worst aspects of the working classes – their xenophobia and racism; stoke it up with phony patriotism and bring out the most extreme nationalism. Like Trump – divide and conquer!

Hear what Soubry had to say about this bunch of extremists in the Express of all places:

Anna Soubry brands Conservatives the Brexit Party – accuses ‘Trumpian-type style’ | Politics | News |

Has the tide turned?? Are people beginning to wake up to the danger posed by these incompetent over-privileged extremists?

Are papers like the Express going to turn against them??


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