The Corona Diaries – Day 470

It’s been a strange busy day today. Back in the balmy bosom of Yorkshire complete with thunderstorms!

I was meeting with my writing group on zoom this morning, which was very pleasant. In the afternoon we went into Hull for a theatre event. It wasn’t up to much but it was good to get into real theatre again. When we arrived home I went for a walk between storms! Of course, this evening is the footie. I must confess to being a little apprehensive! Denmark are a good team and we’re up and down. We’ll see. A lot at stake!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland there is also a lot at stake. Johnson is playing cards with our future again. You’d think he would have learnt by now that gambling never pays off. He’s already lost at Brexit and Covid and somehow, at least in the short term, has managed to cover his tracks.

The clown is a wazzock!!! Or is he a cunning, evil schemer? Time will tell. For now he has got what he wanted – power – out of which will come unimaginable wealth (see Cameron, Osborne and Blair).

He has thrown the dice. We all come out of all restrictions on the 19th! He’s dicing with death. He thinks this will shore up his sagging popularity. He’s fond of doing populist things which shore up his popularity regardless of the outcomes. He’s made a very lucrative career out of it! He thinks the British people will love him for it in the same way that they love him for getting the vaccine out! They are a rather stupid, uninformed and fickle mob! He didn’t get the vaccine out and, once again, we have been overtaken by a number of countries. I don’t know why they haven’t turned on him for all his lies, the disaster of Brexit, the 128,000 needless deaths, the farcical tossing around of money to cronies, the equally farcical Track and Trace, Moonshot and all the other oven-ready, world-beating lies! But they think he’s a jolly fellow. I think he’s an incompetent lazy git who has been taking us for a colossal ride while feathering his own nest! He deserves to rot in hell for the misery he’s caused. Of course, the media and his wealthy chums love him! He’s made them all a fortune at our expense.

Everything he touches is shit. We hear of this wonderful £1 billion Sunderland deal – a huge boost for Brexit! Then we hear that they bribed Nissan with a £100 million of our money!! These people are desperate! We world-beating Australian Trade Agreement! It’ll add .02% to our GDP – hardly making up for the huge loss we have made leaving the EU – so far about 2.5% GDP. We’ll have to have over a hundred Trade Deals of that magnitude just to make up the shortfall. So much for global Britain – or how to make Britain an unimportant little island of no consequence stuck close to Europe.

Now this proven liar and lazy fool, this gaffe-meister, is dropping all our covid reducing measures at a time when the virus is expanding exponentially in a third wave. The scientists are warning of disaster.

Johnson’s reasoning:

It’s summer

Schools and colleges are out

The virus is spreading fast and is predicted to reach a 100,000 a day soon – but that is mainly among the young who don’t get very ill

Hospital admissions (and deaths) are not going up as fast and the NHS should be able to cope

The vaccines have broken the connection between virus and death

It’s Freedom Day – It’s wonderful! Get back to the office! Get on trains and busses! Get back to theatres and gigs!! Meet up with friends and family! Throw your masks away! Fill the pubs cinemas and stadia!! It’s Freedom Day!!!

The scientists are saying:

This is reckless

The pandemic is not over. The virus is rising steeply.

A large number of young people get long covid. That could be very long-term. There are few stats!!

If we all meet up inside in large numbers then the virus will spread madly

Infected people are virus variant factories. The more infected the more variants. It only takes one vaccine evading variant to put us back in lockdown

45% of the population have not been vaccinated. We are a long way off herd immunity.

The lambda variant is vaccine resistant and could take off

Vulnerable people become more and more at risk (those with immune problems, certain illness or treatments, the antivaxxers and those for whom the vaccine hasn’t worked). There will be many serious illnesses and deaths

It is too early!!

All along Johnson has been saying that he follows the science. He doesn’t. He picks and chooses. If he had followed the science he would have locked down early, shut the borders and not kicked infected people out into care homes.

For a lot of people this is not freedom day. This is prison day. They will be loathe to go anywhere once social distancing and masks are gone. They will not want to go to cinemas, restaurants or on to busses with people packed together and no masks. That’s a nightmare. They will be loathe to go shopping. They will be stuck indoors.

As for me – as a double jabbed person I will watch carefully and limit my risks. I won’t go inside if there are not good rules on distancing and masks. I will distance and wear a mask. I will meet up outside. I will avoid public transport. I know I still have a risk and with the virus taking off in large numbers I shall be very wary.

I think Johnson is a complete plonker. I don’t believe a word the man says and I think he’s got the most appalling judgement!


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