The Corona Diaries Day 437

It’s been cloudy but warm in Yorkshire today. I did a lot of editing and then went for a walk up my hill! It felt good! The sun came out and shone over the fields!

Out of interest I did a few calculations to see how far I’ve walked in lockdown (since last March). I have (according to my fitbit) walked 4,500 kilometers and more than 6,500,000 steps. I’ve worn out three pairs of shoes (including my favourites) and probably knackered all the joints from the hip down!

Still, it has kept me Covid fit!!

Today has been a Malvina Reynolds day. She’s one feisty lady!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland I bet Johnson is shitting himself. His stupidity in allowing the Indian variant free access has caused major problems. We now have the worst increase in virus since last April. The variant is much more transmissible, more likely to put people in hospital and is spreading like the plague it is – another 4,261 cases – hospital admissions rising, deaths starting to go up and Dido Harding running around like the headless wombat she is!

Once again Johnson has been complacent and dithered, put a trade deal with India (not exactly a big coup) in front of the lives of British people and proved a complete twerp!

Some people actually voted for this imbecile!!

Johnson thought we were out of the woods and ignored the scientists yet again. He thought the vaccine had cracked it. But only half of the adult population has been vaccinated and we’re now heading for a third wave of deaths!! This Indian variant affects young people!

What a balls up!!

Last week all the footballers and fans were needlessly shunted off to Portugal! This week Portugal is taken off the green list as the cases zoom.

Then we have the trade in fake vaccine passports that put us all at risk again.

Aren’t you glad that Dominic Cummings worked so hard to get the clown elected? The number of lies that took!

Have faith!! The people love him!! These are the same people who booed loudly when England took the knee to show solidarity against racism!

I despair.

Stay Safe. We’re in the hands of a nincompoop and a band of extreme nutcases!!

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