The Boos of the Witless

I have to ask what has gone wrong with our country? It seems that Brexit has empowered every mindless racist yob to come out from under their stones.

Booing an antiracist gesture is obscene. If I was a footballer I wouldn’t want to perform for such an unpleasant bunch of morons!

They make me ashamed to be British!

The Boos of the Witless | Twohundredpercent

3 thoughts on “The Boos of the Witless

  1. I’m becoming more and more ashamed to be British – actually, it started a long time ago! I seem to remember avoiding other brits when on foreign holidays….my problem I used to think.

    Just before I read ‘Boos of the witless’ I read this report from Fowey, Cornwall.

    ‘Cornwall cafe boss tells customers to not be rude to staff’ – BBC News

    This is from the cafe owner’s Facebook…..

    “I had hoped to never have to write something like this but here goes ….. for the first time in 17 years …. HONESTY ALERT!

    Fowey very much like the rest of Cornwall is buckling under the strain from visitors. The hospitality industry is struggling with a severe lack of staff…….. This is because people are changing professions for the sake of their MENTAL HEALTH. What happened to be kind ? ‘(Not to mention staff recruitment problems because of Brexit)’

    My amazing staff are working so so hard, but for some of you this isn’t good enough, some of you can’t wait , some of you are in a rush. Every single meal and drink is prepared fresh to order, if your drink takes 10 minutes then its probably because there are 10 orders in front of you. WE ARE NOT MACDONALDS ! THIS IS NOT LONDON !! I will not tolerate any one being rude to my staff, when they are pushing themselves to the limit to provide you with your food and drink and the best service possible. None of my staff have had a break today.

    Tripadvisor warriors, back off!!!! Why can’t anyone leave a nice review ? Look at the bigger picture folks, where has this self entitlement come from?

    I am sorry if this post offends anyone but this is real life and some of you are breaking us. If you want to keep small independent businesses in Cornwall, respect us, we have a job to do and we are doing it the best we can. #fowey #cornwall #bekind”

    1. I feel exactly the same. We distance ourselves from all the British when abroad. I’ve never seen any other nationality so loutish, crass and stupid. It’s embarrassing. Then there is rudeness, disrespect, arrogance and racism. That not just embarrassing it’s beyond that. I’m filled with anger and disgust.

    2. A little while back all the windows were put in on a couple of foreign restaurants in a village near us. These Brexiteer morons think they have a right to drive foreigners out.

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