They can’t really be that stupid, can they?

Every now and again I find myself thinking that the government can’t really be that stupid can they? I mean, these are people with qualifications, degrees and experience. They’ve had an education and been successful!

Then I look at what they are doing and I despair.

Six weeks ago the Indian variant started devastating India. The new strain was virulent and deadly.

Did we put it on the red list? No! Not even when they were chucking bodies in the ganghes!

We have now put it on the red list – five weeks too late!!

But hey – the stupidity does not stop there!

They bring the people in from red list countries, let them mix with everybody else, then quarantine them!

Are the people in charge stupid??

Yes they are!

What the fuck is the point of quarantining people after you’ve allowed them to mix and pass the virus on?????

All it takes is a government directive!!

Aaaah – there’s the rub!!

2 thoughts on “They can’t really be that stupid, can they?

  1. when this whole pandemic crapola started, a local “nursing home” had a massive outbreak. lotsa deaths and hospitalizations. EMTs and cops that went there got quarantined for two weeks. staff at the nursing home were allowed to come and go as they pleased. As a result, covid was rapidly spread through the community. staff was commuting up to 40 miles away from the facility. but the nursing home didn’t want to spend the money to quarantine its employees , so covid took hold. staff from thanursing home was source of covid that killed two neighbors of mine here. private sector is no better and usually worse than government.

    1. The world is so full of stupid people, greed, selfishness and plain nastiness. Fortunately there are a lot of people who are better than that!

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