The Corona Diaries – Day 363

It was a bit colder today with a northerly breeze. There were some sunny spells though. In a week’s time we will officially be in British Summertime as our clocks spring forward! What a stupid thing to do! It always takes me a week to adjust.

I walked up my hill. The carcass of the barn owl had disappeared. All that was left was a pile of feathers. Such is life.

Back home I’ve been playing some Eels and writing. It’s been quite productive. I’m about a third of the way through the first draft of The Pornography Wars – my new Sci-fi masterpiece. It’s fun.

Out in Coronaland, the vaccination is proceeding though some areas have a lot better uptake than others. Tragically it is the poorer areas with a lot of black and Asians that appear to have the worst take up. They are the ones most at risk from the virus. Common sense would tell you that they are the ones who need it most. Sadly they have been fed misinformation and conspiracy. Many of them think the vaccine going to affect Asian and black people adversely. Fertility seems to have become a major stumbling block. For some stupid reason they think that vaccination is going to make them infertile. A lot of them are going to die! The people spreading these lies need locking up!

The EU have a lot to answer for too. Their stupid Brexit-driven opposition to the AstraZeneca jab has fuelled the dissenters. Another way Brexit has created a negative result.

What with Johnson the Clown and his bunch of extreme imbeciles, a belligerent EU and a nonexistent opposition there isn’t much hope for the future. I just hope that Starmer gets his act together soon! Or gets kicked out and replaced by someone who can rip th Tories to shreds for the mistakes they are making and corruption they are exhibiting. I despair.

It’s the same in the States. Biden is doing a lot of good stuff undoing the damage Trump did in his four years of mayhem. But they are getting at him over his frailty. Who cares? It’s what he does that’s important and if his health fails Harris will step into the breach. All’s good.

Biden and Harris still represent the same elite but at least a lot of the peripherals are being dealt with and they aren’t spreading lies, misinformation, conspiracy and empowering tyrants and fascists! I’ll settle for that in the short term.

In the UK the scientists are talking about us wearing masks and social distancing for another three years! They say that until the whole world has been adequately vaccinated there will be a threat. I suppose their main concern is holiday makers and foriegners coming into the country could bring in lethal strains. I can’t see that somehow. . It’s a risk I suppose but their should obviously be checks at the border and follow up along with a track and trace that works. That should be adequate.

Oooops – I forgot – we have the clown in charge. There are no adequate border checks and the track and trace is a farce.

Hmmmm – we might be in lockdown for some considerable time!!

Stay safe. The nighs are ending!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 363

  1. Well done Opher, you’ve finally tumbled to at least a small part of what is going on. The “scientists” you refer to, and SAGE in particular, have a political agenda. And that includes prolonging lockdowns by whatever subterfuges are necessary. They think they’re a kind of “chosen race” that has a right to do what they want to anyone. That’s why they and their media cohorts are such scaremongers.

    Yes, there will be a problem that the places where the virus has spread least – Africa, Australia, New Zealand, for example – will still be harbouring it. And there will need to be border checks on incoming travellers for a couple of years, at least. But to try to lock everyone down for that kind of period is so far over the top, that only the densest would buy it. Even Johnson might come to some kind of sense in a few weeks.

    As to the Asian and black people who refuse to take the vaccine, I salute them. They are saying, “I don’t believe you bloody politicians, and I’m not going to do what you say.” Just as I do!

    1. Scientists know what’s going on Neil. This Trumpist undermining of science is daft and dangerous. It promotes ignorant superstition as we saw with Trump and Trumpists. You’ll be telling me that the Earth is flat next.
      Certainly Africa will be a reservoir but not Australia or New Zealand. Their policy of eradication has worked.
      You are saluting a bunch of fools who are ignorant and stupid. They will die in large numbers. It’s a punishment for believing in superstition over science.

      1. Opher, I understand science far better than you seem to think. I even wrote an article on the scientific method, and got it published at! That’s coals to Newcastle for you.

        There are “scientists,” like many in SAGE, that have managed to persuade the politicians that they are the “experts,” and should be trusted on everything they say. But in fact, their expertise is in promoting whatever “science” suits their particular political line. Which, in the case of SAGE, is “lock ’em down, and keep ’em locked down.” Johnson, the idiot, doesn’t have the brains to see this.

        As to the Earth being flat, don’t you remember my (failed) Worcestershire Beacon experiment, published on WriterBeat, to try to show that the Earth isn’t flat?

        And you say that Australia and New Zealand’s policy of eradication has worked. It may have done up to now. But other countries, such as Iceland and Djibouti, have eradicated it, only for it to come back a few weeks later. Or look at Gibraltar – the worst deaths per million record in the world, yet it had virtually no cases between June and August of last year. When Australia and New Zealand re-open, it’s inevitable that the virus will be reintroduced. And their populations won’t have been able to build up any level of immunity like people in Europe and the Americas have done.

      2. Aah Neil – but if Australia and New Zealand manage to get their populations vaccinated before they open up the only people at risk are those who foolishly refuse the vaccine.
        Science is the search for objective truth. I put more faith in that than anything else. Trump, in his ignorance, did his best to undermine all experts and scientists. I think SAGE know what they are doing. They have the best modelling going. Lockdowns are necessary to suppress a pandemic and will be until we are either vaccinated, have good treatments or find ways of stopping the spread that aren’t quite as severe as a lockdown. Not to lockdown would result in far too many deaths and severe illness.

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