Poetry – From the heart and back

From the heart and back

I wrote a poem from the heart.

It was only words –

Letters arranged in symbols.

But I tried to capture

The dreams

Within my heart

And cage them in black ink.

Your eyes scan those symbols

While your brain

Unshackles the concepts

They contain.

Each momentarily freed

To connect,

To rebuild,

Those same dreams

I saw within my head.

I trust the dreams

Built within you head

Were full of love

The same as mine;

A mirror image –

You love I.

Opher 27.4.2015

From the heart and back

There is a world with, a universe in which we live. The outside world is unreal – merely constructed from electrical impulses sent in from nerves. We do not see a real world but merely the one created by our brains – partial at very best.

We have no way of knowing if the universe really exists at all.

For if I severed all your senses and fed in those electrical pulses your brain would live within that artificial universe.

So the me I am, is my greatest creation. It is all I have but even its most cherished memories are constantly reinvented.

What is real?

So when we love and communicate, using whatever symbols, we must surely always fail. The symbols of language are approximations of our thoughts and feelings, limited and partial. To be interpreted by another universe whose rules are different. They can only ever brush the surface -–surely?

Yet not.

‘I love you’ stirs the heart of both the donor and recipient the same.

Love is the greatest communicator of them all.

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