The Corona Diaries – Day 359

After a cloudy start it brightened up. I stayed in through the morning working on editing my Harper book!! Lo and Behold – I’ve finished!!! I quickly sent it off to the publishers and feel quite euphoric! It’s all done! (Well apart from sorting some photos.)

The sun shone on me as I took my walk. There was a handsome spotted woodpecker hammering in a tree. I watched him a while. My adopted horse had been put in a back field. He couldn’t get to me to get his carrot and just peered forlornly over the fence.

I checked my diary today. I started doing my five mile walks on the 5th of March last year. That means I have completed a whole year (and twelve days) of consecutive walks!!

It’s a bouyant day!! No Covid Blues today!! Now I can focus on my Sci-fi novel!! I might have a glass or two to celebrate!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the madness is galloping apace.

The more I find out about the corruption and cronyism that has taken place the more I despair. Billions of pounds have just been splashed around to Tory donors for all manner of contracts. One contract I read of today was a £178m contract for PPE given to a woman running a dog food company. She farmed it out to a firm in Hong Kong and pocketed millions.

It is obscene and corrupt. We cannot pay the nurses and key workers who have risked their lives but we can give millions to profiteers!!!

The nurses, teachers and those on low pay will be shoved back into austerity for years in order to pay for this corrupt shambles.

There is no transparency as required by law – no tendering as required by law – just incompetence (at best).

Then we have the mess over Brexit. Johnson has created such ill-will that we are virtually at war. Instead of friendly partners we have created hostile enemies and are paying for it. Trade has collapsed, the red tape and border checks are crippling, firms are going bust and it’s all being hidden up!!!

Brexit is shaping to be even worse that Project Fear was saying it would be. Farage, Johnson and Gove want locking up. I don’t know about £350 million a week for the NHS – they are bankrupting the country. This is costing us a fortune.

At the moment the vaccines are being weaponised in this ‘war’. The AstraZeneca is being shunned and called dangerous by the EU and they are threatening to stop the Pfizer from going to the UK. That could scupper my second shot.

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot – I think we’ve shot ourselves in the head. Things can only get worse!!

But don’t worry! The Tories have sewn up the BBC, own all the tabloids and everything will be hunky dory. They’ll blame it on Covid and the EU. They even made protests impossible!

Oh for opposition!!! They are literally getting away with murder – 125,000 to be precise.

What an incompetent bunch of crooks!! They’ve made lying an artform!!

Stay safe!!!

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