Poetry – From there to here in a breath

From there to here in a breath

Form horse and cart

To space shuttle.

From dirt road

To motorway.

From stretched paper,

Line and prop

To turbojet.

From gaslight

To electrical appliance.

From unshod feet

To fashion shoes to throw.

From the soils of the earth

To the dust of the moon.

From an early bed

To late night TV.

From starving children here

To starving children there.

From one war

To a host more.

From a switchboard

And black Bakelite phone

To text and go.

From a letter on a horse

To an email.

From a reference book

To Wikipedia.

From a village

To the world.

It’s a long way to travel

In a single life.

Opher 18.4.2014

From there to here in a breath

I was recalling the tales told to me by my grandmother. She saw the first cars and the space shuttle. She talked of the first planes made of paper, wood, wires and a propeller that crawled across the skies.

My mother talked of children playing in the streets without shoes, having their feet bound in rags for winter; of people being sewn into their clothes for winter.

I remember the milk and coal being delivered by horse and cart, the man coming round to light the street gaslights.

In the sixties the first computers the size of rooms running on cut-out cardboard.

Will there ever be a time when things have changed so much?

For centuries people went on doing things in the same old way. The pace of life was slow and change unheard of. Then the industrial revolution, invention and capitalism; the speed increased. It was all about progress – which basically meant someone making money. The rate of change has been stupendous. You blink and the world has changed.

Is it good?

2 thoughts on “Poetry – From there to here in a breath

  1. Is it good? It is good but what more do we need? Possibly quality over quantity. Within all this progress we’ve swamped ourselves with waste and crap.

    How much further do we need to go? From your previous ‘Automation and A/I’, a possible conclusion would render us redundant and the new world population will be just computers and robots! Did you ever see the movie WALL.E?

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