The Corona Diaries – Day 311

Day 311 ushered in a dreary drizzly day in Yorkshire. Undeterred I walked up my hill. There was not much to see apart from a muddy rivulet along the side of the road!

Back home I was reading some Terry Pratchett, doing some editing and listening to Frank Zappas Freak Out!!

Then I received a phone call arranging a date for my vaccination! Yipeee!!! Next Monday!!!

These 311 days have been a boring routine. I’m craving a bit of social intercourse, entertainment, mixing and not looking over my shoulder all the time!! Three weeks from Monday I’ll feel a lot easier!! It’s the start of normality!!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland It is looking like the end of Boris Johnson. They’ve got him to carry the can for both Brexit (which is shaping up to be the nightmare it always was – disguised by the medias total obsession with Covid) and Covid-19. Being the nasty, ruthless thugs they are, they’ll dump him and put king Rishi in place! They’ll hope that the taint of incompetence departs with Johnson!!

They’ll choose their moment – with the numbers of new cases coming down (now 25,308 from a peak of 52,618) – they’ll want the death-rate to come down. It is still frighteningly at 1725! That’s really bad! The scientists are predicting that we could have another 50,000 deaths yet.

With the success of the vaccine roll-out (the first thing they’ve got right!) they’ll want Rishi to have a great start with a real boost and hope that everyone will forget about the 100,000 dead, poor economic performance, lamentable decision making, dithering and complacency and ineptitude. They’ll also hope that people will put the job losses, price hikes and shut-downs on the peg marked Covid!

We’re a gullible lot. They might be right!

Who knows? They might even, with the bounce – before the enormity of the chaos becomes more apparent – call a snap election? That would be interesting!

In amongst all that the real hope is that they come up with some drugs that have a real effect on stopping this disease from developing into its more deadly symptoms. That would be good! I can face having an illness as long as it doesn’t cause severe symptoms, put you on a ventilator, leave you with very nasty long-term or permanent effects or kill you.

In the States I am hearing of Trumpist threats, intimidation and violence. Fascism doesn’t just melt away when a leader is deposed. Biden has a big task on his hands. The virus is still surging with 155,629 new cases yesterday and 4,101 deaths! Seems that the bleach, UV and hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work!

Stay safe!! Vaccination is close!! Normality is just around the corner!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 311

  1. Congrats on your vax! Trevor is still waiting as his link just repeats there are no appointments available. Hopefully soon but I will have to wait. But busy here in Marple with rain and promise of more snow. We are glad we didn’t return as there are worse restrictions now and worse cases in our area in Spain.

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