Great News!!!

I have just received some great news!!! I had a phone call telling me I had an appointment on Monday for my first vaccination!!

That is the first step in a return to normality!!

They asked me a number of questions – like – have I ever died as a result of a previous vaccination. I managed to get all the answers right!

On Monday I will be vaccinated against Covid-19! Yippppeeeee!!!

Three weeks after that my immunity system will have been activated against the virus. The first shot won’t give me full immunity but it will mean that if I do become infected I will produce a quick response and not get as ill.

The second shot will raise my immunity higher so that I shouldn’t even get ill if infected!!

Roll on Monday!! Roll on three weeks from Monday!!! Roll on that second shot!!!

10 thoughts on “Great News!!!

      1. It’s a bit of a mess. You have to be 75, and the vaccine is being administered at large venues (no thank you to that). People can’t get online to make an appointment. Let’s hope things improve.

      2. That doesn’t sound good! It is our local NHS surgery delivering ours – we can walk there but it is a couple of miles away.
        I hope they get it sorted for you soon!

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