A hundred years wasted!!

Over the course of the last hundred years we have spent countless trillions of pounds developing horrendous weapons to intimidate and kill each other.

Just imagine how that money could have been spent.

Just imagine if they had spent a quarter of it on research to develop generic antiviral drugs we might not live in fear of virus pandemics. Viruses could be a thing of the past.

Just think.

Instead we have invented ways of wiping each other out!

Are we mad?

5 thoughts on “A hundred years wasted!!

  1. No, Opher, we (in the restricted sense of “you and I”) aren’t mad. At least, I’m not mad, except occasionally when I want to be. And you have enough nous to ask questions like this one, so you aren’t entirely mad!

    Put briefly, the problem is that we (in the wide sense of “human beings as a whole”) are still using a political system (the state) that is many thousands of years old, and way past its last-use-by date. Even its latest codification – in effect, the “divine right of kings” to rule – was done way back in the 16th century, by a monarchist Frenchman. The state allows those in power to do, pretty much, what they like to others, and to get away with it. Its philosophical base was discredited by John Locke in the 1680s, but that doesn’t matter to those that can get into power, and want to use it to their own profit or for their particular agendas!

    We’ve tried hanging “bags on the side” of the state – like republicanism, constitutions, bills of rights, democracy – that are intended to protect people against arbitrary use of political power. But we haven’t altered the essential nature of the beast at all. And that gives the answer to your question. No, we aren’t mad. But they – the powerful, those that seek power, and those that want to perpetuate the system – are crazed enough not to care about destroying the freedoms, the livelihoods, the happiness and even the lives of us human beings.

    And given that the state’s powers of force and taxation allow it to control the economy and, to a large extent, the people in its area, it’s not surprising that so much money and effort have been devoted to weapons, wars, propaganda and everything that increases the power of the state and its elites over ordinary people.

    You know, I think we may be able to have quite a good discussion on this thread!

    1. I take many of your points Neil. There is certainly a paranoid mental disease in a lot of our leaders. They are often psychopaths and sociopaths whose greed and selfishness are detrimental to all of us. But not all.
      I think where we differ is the way to deal with this madness.

      1. Well, one thing we might do (short of rebuilding everything from scratch) is to put some independent quality control into the governmental system. Institute audits of all taxpayer-funded institutions and projects, to ensure that they are being run in the interests of the people government is supposed to serve, not of political or other vested interests. Questions like “where is the cost-benefit analysis?” “how certain are we that this is feasible?” and “are there any particular groups or types of individuals who will be harmed by this?” ought to be asked routinely. And those that persistently, or in large matters, fail to deal honestly and transparently with the people need to be removed from positions where they can do damage.

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