Poetry – Each Moment

Each Moment

I wrote the first line of this while I was watching Edwina Hayes perform in the Ship Inn. It is a philosophical poem.

We only have the moment. That is all. Our whole lives are but a glimpse at the panorama around us. We see it like a single frame of a film and yet courageously seek to work the whole plot and story.

Our optimism is truly remarkable and our achievements even more so.

For while the savage reverts are mindlessly destroying their own heritage in Palmira our fearless scientists are examining the heritage of the universe within a quark. They represent the two halves of humanity – the indoctrinated fools with blinkers and no questions and the wide-eyed enthusiasts for whom the universe is a mystery to be explored.

I have only questions and marvel to offer you!

Each Moment

Each moment is the first;

There are no rules

Only habits.

Each of us lives

In a universe

Only she inhabits.

We learn to make sense

Of the patterns

We discern

And flounder in the darkness

Of the colours

That we learn.

We follow my leader

As we grope

To understand

The universe of quarks

Is never

At our command.

We are fumbling through life

Making up

As we go along.

For a glimpse is all we have

And it

Will not last for long.

This moment has never been

And will never

Be again.

We see it for the first

Time in

This wonderful refrain.

We must live it now

For it will

Never come again.

It will never come again

The same.

Opher 1.9.2015

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