The Corona Diaries – Day 262

I’m drowning in repetition! This repeating pattern is so debilitating. I crave some variety, some stimulation, some exhilaration!

I might take up solo hang-gliding, bungee-jumping or start a heroin habit! Anything!!!

I’m surprised I’m not drinking more wine!!

The novelty has definitely worn off!

Anyway, Day 262 of isolation is proceeding very much the same as the rest. I wake up in a world run by greedy, selfish, inept politicians with wealthy elites pulling their strings. I listen to their latest stupidities on the news. I listen to some music – today is James Varda, do some editing and go for a walk up my hill.

I’m going numb!!

Today was cold and overcast – a bit like my mood – boring!

There are no landmarks in these desert wastes. How much is nothing? How far is nowhere? They’ll sell you a map but you’ll never get there.

Meanwhile out there in Coronaland our three amigo populist nincompoops are excelling themselves!

In the USA there were 218,667 new cases yesterday with a record 3055 deaths! 9/11+ every day! The hospitals are packed, health staff on their knees and still the President Trump refuses to do anything.

Republican States refuse to bring in measures. Some cities, like Brookings, S. Dakota, have taken it into their own hands. They’ve brought in measures, including face masks, and the levels of covid have dropped.

Of course, I forgot. The virus is a hoax, a communist plot and mask wearing and social distancing are unAmerican – even if it kills you!

The price of freedom! Freedom to be a fool!

They are, in the last days of Trump, hurrying through a spate of executions. They’ve got the wrong people though! I’ll send them a list!!

I’d certainly put Ivanka and Jared near the top – as they head off to their $30 million mansion in Billionaires bunker bought with their ill-gotten gains.

In Brazil Bolsonaro bases his strategy on Trump’s – cases have shot back up to 53,453 new cases yesterday with another 836 deaths.

In New Zealand and Vietnam, where they agree with me about Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson, there were no deaths again, zero deaths, nil, zilch, none.

You think that is by accident? No! It’s all about policy, strategies and preparation. Three things that our three nincompoops are incapable of!!

Meanwhile in the UK with have out scarecrow clown floundering around with his strings being pulled by a bunch of extreme nationalists as we charge over the cliff of a No-Deal Brexit.

I can hear the stampede now as firms start to pull out and head for the continent, I can hear the doors slammed shut and peoples’ jobs evaporating. I can hear the economy crashing. I can hear the soaring sigh of prices rising through the ceiling. I can hear the crash of opportunities to work abroad, travel and study explode.

Ineos puts its new Landrover production in France. It’s just the start!

These are real jobs, real people!

I can also hear the cheerleading of our daft clown of a leader telling us that it’ll be the best thing we’ve ever done. Reminds me of Custer at Little Big Horn.

Stay Safe everyone! The vaccine is coming. I just wish there was a vaccine against political incompetence!

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