Sri Lanka – Colombo – Buddhist Sambodhi Chaithya Temple

The Buddhist temple was quite near the docks. It was a big Stupa on stilts. A very interesting structure unlike anything I’d ever seen.

When the sun was setting it stood out on the skyline. Lots of women in white robes were heading off to worship.

37 thoughts on “Sri Lanka – Colombo – Buddhist Sambodhi Chaithya Temple

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        But your precious UN … no where to be found. LOL

      2. Yes – now you are referring to a civil war many years later.
        Give the UN the power and they’ll sort out the problems. If they haven’t got the power they can do very little in situations like this.
        There are always mercenaries who are amoral.

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      5. I nursed my father and mother to their death. I have lost two very close friends and a number of other friends. My sister’s husband died. I have spoken at more funerals that you can imagine.
        I know about death.

      6. General rule: if the foundation its cracked and broken then everything built upon such a foundation … only worthy of tearing it down and starting fresh anew.

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      8. Nobody owns land. We all move through. But people lay claim to land. That is the reality. The Israelis continually illegally steal land from others – herding them into inhumane conditions. Arrogant and stupid. Two wrongs do not make a right.

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