Poetry – The Politician

The Politician


I’m a very stupid man

I’m a politician.


All I crave is power and wealth,

Which is exactly why I ‘m here.

If I play my cards right

They’ll make me a peer.

I do not have a mind

I vote the way I’m told.

My party’s always right

No point in being bold.


I’m a very stupid man

I’m a politician.


The whip is my friend

He tells me what to think.

Saves me the trouble

I don’t even have to blink.

Questions of morality

Don’t enter my head.

I leave that up to others

And sleep easy in my bed.


I’m a very stupid man

I’m a politician.


Opher – 24.9.2020

36 thoughts on “Poetry – The Politician

  1. One wonders if there was ever a time when politicians weren’t careerists and actually had the best interests of the public – whom they are meant to serve! – at heart.

    The earth turns on an axis of fool’s gold that in turn inspires a selfish and myopic view of life giving rise to greed, avarice, and exploitation – of people and earth’s natural resources – which is compacted into an ideology far removed from virtuous Love, kindness, tolerance, equality, and compassion, our ground state of being.

    Enjoy your day Opher. Stay safe!


  2. A few years ago I was listening to Any Questions and the topic of conversation revolved around a vote in parliament concerning a very important upcoming bill. On the panel was an MP and the question was put to him, ‘Do you believe in this bill and will you be voting for it?’ He replied that he personally did not believe in it but he would be voting for it for the sake of the party.

    Suppose the whole of the government feels this way.

  3. Opher, a certain Mr. Gilbert wrote these words about you:

    In short, in matters vegetable, animal and mineral,
    He is the very model of a Secretary-General!

    (Well, I’m not sure about mineral, but you certainly have the first two.)

    But seriously, these politicians aren’t stupid – they’re evil. If they can justly claim that they “represent” the people of their constituency, then they must act in the interests of those people – no? Even when they conflict with the policies of their party? This is an issue that doesn’t seem to be being discussed – but ought to be.

    1. They are career politicians who are playing a game. It is not about the people at all. Politics is a means to an end – they are in it for the wealth and power.

      1. I worked as a Headteacher Neil – when the Tories attained power they decimated the public services and hammered the poor, giving tax cuts to the rich. When Labour got in they restored the money to public services and helped the poor – creating a much fairer society.
        While politicians may all be power-mad and corrupt – Labour is far better than the Tories.

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