The Ravenscar to Robin Hood’s Bay walk – more photos

I love this walk along the cliffs. It’s a bit up and down but the scenery is spectacular.

I love the patterns of these muddy cliffs. Erosion has created interesting shapes.

2nd World War pill box.

Great patterns in the rock shelving.

This glade of ferns is magical

8 thoughts on “The Ravenscar to Robin Hood’s Bay walk – more photos

  1. Hey Opher, these images take my mind back to an earlier time in my life when as part of a school Geography field trip to the North Yorkshire Moors we included Robin Hood’s Bay. Fantastic walk, superb scenery – the fishing village is also steeped in history, heritage, legends, and smuggling, and has excellent fish ‘n’ chips! Well worth a visit.


      1. Proper fish ‘n’ chips wasn’t an expensive meal in 1980 when I visited, else I’d never have been able to afford it. As I recall, we ate out several times rather than feast on fayre provided in our lodgings. Mind you, fish ‘n’ chips always tastes better when eaten by the sea, evermore so when in a scenic, windswept spot.


      2. Too true Dewin – and that is a delightful spot.
        Fish and chips used to be a cheap meal but not so much anymore – particularly there. Our local is much cheaper – but not as good!

      3. Speaking of enjoying food in different parts of the U.K, I once worked with a chap who’d drive from West Wales to Cornwall several times a year just to buy Cornish Pasties from a small local shop. He only bought pasties from one shop: pasties he considered to be the best in the South West.

        When I were a lad, Friday night was fish ‘n’ chip night, and we’d always buy takeaway from our local chippy: even wrapped in newspaper! Loved the taste then, love the taste now.


      4. We used to have a fish and chips night too! I had a friend (sadly dead now) who used to go down to a place in London to buy jellied eels and whelks!

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