Johnson the Joker – Moonshot cartoons

I think people are becoming used to Johnson making absurd claims followed by incompetent performance.

It was the hallmark of his years as a politician and lamentable Home Secretary.

By now we know that it’s a pipedream – off the cuff bit of rubbish – just like everything else has been. Apps, PPE, Track and Trace, Brexit – all lies, smoking mirrors and dramatic hyperbole with no substance.

Put a clown in charge and don’t be surprised if you get stupidity.

17 thoughts on “Johnson the Joker – Moonshot cartoons

  1. Hey Opher, how’s it going?

    Another day of Covid gloom and doom. Another day of government incompetence, lies, deceits, and duplicity.

    The cartoons brought a smile.

    It appears that BoJo, who ultimately takes full responsibility for the government’s abysmal failures on Covid, is reluctant to put the whole country into lock-down again. However, with an ineffective Test and Trace system, a drastic shortfall in capacity to test, case-numbers rising (hospitalizations also rising, as too the age profile of those testing positive) and without a vaccine, I don’t see any other solution to curbing the 2nd wave spread of C-19 other than to impose further measures to mitigate Covid infections, which may conclude in a national lock-down. (Nearly ten million in the U.K are already restricted by some form of lock-down) Certainly I can see workers being encouraged to continue to work from home, and a return to shielding the vulnerable, and leisure venues, like pubs, closing. I don’t foresee normality resuming before Christmas.

    I read that BoJo was unable to recall his Moonshot idea in its entirety – number of proposed tests – when speaking to the parliamentary committee yesterday. The clown is a joke.

    Enjoy your day,


    1. Cheers Dewin. Just off for a walk in a nature reserve. Retirement has its benefits!
      Hopefully, these clowns will pay for their incompetence – but people are stupid.
      Have a look at the Doors post – it for some reason sparked a whole spiel on Israel.

      1. Ah, the walk sounds a good idea…nature is so gracious in her giving.

        I’m just off to work. Not being retired has its disadvantages!

        A public inquiry cannot come soon enough. If it’s left any longer, BoJo and his cabal will already have destroyed the U.K and its institutions in their power-grab: they are already a long way down the road to making the U.K a banana republic.

        I’ll take a look at the Doors post later. Have a good day!

        Ciao for now,


      2. The thread – 134 entries – running in the comments section on the Doors post: ooh, intense! But interesting. I’m sure I learnt a thing or two from reading it all.


      1. Britain and the EU … still in the process of Divorce. You sound like Ann Coulter and her condemnation of President Trump in building the Wall separating Mexico from the US. LOL

      2. Good. The building of the wall is one of the biggest stupidities – just like Brexit. Talking about shooting yourself in the foot.

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