The Corona Diaries – Day 176

Not so long ago BJ stood for Blow Job – oral sex on males. Now BJ stands for Boris Johnson. The major difference between the two is that the former created more output than the latter.

Our world-beating Test and Trace system is a shambles. According to Hancock it is going to take weeks to settle. We could be dead by then!

World-beating, oven-ready????? Unbelievable!!!!

It does not take a genius to work out that when you open pubs and restaurants, send people back to the office on public transport and send kids to school, that you are going to need more testing! And it’s got to be quick!

The cases are shooting up – another 3103 cases yesterday. The deaths are rising again too – 27 yesterday. Looking ahead, with the lag between cases and deaths, we are going to have a lot more.

If someone has symptoms or has been in contact with someone who has, they need to isolate. They need to quickly get a test and they need to know the results of that test so that they can be cleared to go back to work. Isn’t that obvious?? Isn’t that fundamental??? Do we want the economy to work???

Then why weren’t they planning for it? Why didn’t they see it coming? Why are they such dorks??

McNally, one of our experts on SAGE openly said that there were issues that nobody wants to tell us about. What are those issues???

As for Operation Moonshot??? What a joke. Pie in the sky!!! Johnson on hallucinogens!!

It seems that there is now Fact Checking of government claims. Just like they have done with Trump. In other words – they are lying to us!

That doesn’t come as a surprise. Cummings and Johnson have no morality. Their whole Brexit campaign was a lie. They are prepared to do anything – including breaking international law.

Meanwhile, in the States and Brazil the virus is surging again.

In the USA – 34,364 new cases and it is back up to 1287 deaths. (Some flu – some hoax – some going away as quickly as it came)

In Brazil it is as bad – 36653 new cases and 1113 deaths.

The three stooges are excelling themselves.

Today was a bit of a contrast to yesterday – much cooler with grey skies. I walked up my hill, came home, listened to some Kirsty MacColl and had an argument on facebook with a Trumpist Climate Warming denier.

Another day in coronaland. Stay safe!

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