Trump the climate arsonist quote on the California/Oregon/Washington fires!

As the worst fires ever rage through the western states Trump remains noncommittal.

When asked if it was due to climate change he says: ‘I think this is more of a management situation. When you have years of dried leaves on the ground, it just sets it up. It’s really a fuel for a fire.’

‘I don’t think science knows.’ – yes science does know actually – it’s there from all the scientists not employed directly by the polluters – it’s CLIMATE CHANGE!!!!

He then went on to suggest that other countries don’t have this problem.

Where has he been hiding? Doesn’t he read? What about the huge terrible fires in Australia this year? In Borneo, Philippines and the Amazon???

This is a world-wide phenomenon – along with flooding, droughts, melting ice, rising sea levels, hurricanes and changes in seasonal weather.

Human beings are hugely impacting on the climate and Trump is pushing fossil fuels and relaxing environmental laws, denying climate change and pulling out of international agreements!

A climate arsonist??? I’d call him worse than that when it comes to the environment. Bolsonaro and he are vandals who are not only jeopardising biodiversity but the health of the biosphere on which we depend.

Is the short-term gain worth this long-term loss?

13 thoughts on “Trump the climate arsonist quote on the California/Oregon/Washington fires!

  1. Putting out a forest fire… what does that have to do with climate change? What does a disaster in California and Oregon have to do with Trump? 14,000 firefighters actively battling 29 major blazes. More than 3.1 million acres have burned since the start of 2020, resulting in at least 12 fatalities and devastating at least 3,900 structures, according to CAL Fire. This unquestionably qualifies as a disaster but the POTUS does not need to personally intervene in matters that lie outside of his skill set.

  2. Then ya clearly do not know the future. Recall the movie ‘Back to the Future 2’? Where the bully learns the sports events 30 years into the future and makes himself rich.

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