The Corona Diaries – Day 168

A nice warm day today as I walked up my hill to survey the world – back in T-shirt again. There is still not much sign of any nature since they mowed the verges though. A dozen cabbage white butterflies is not much to show for a 10 K walk.

I came back – did a bit of writing and played some Albert Collins. It was too nice to stay indoors so I headed for the garden to do some reading.

Outside in the unreal world, it’s the same old shit.

Incredibly the gap between Trump and Biden is narrowing and the Tories are still in the lead. Such is the power of the media and the depth of human gullibility.

According to the WHO we’re on the verge of a second wave of Covid-19. It is now 6000 new cases in the last two days! The death rate is low but hospital entry is going up. The deaths lag a few weeks behind.

I’m afraid there’s been too much complacency and too much meeting up. The government have been sending the wrong messages. This is far from over. We are seeing the results of pubs and restaurants.  With schools now back I think we’re going to see a big escalation. Already 160 schools have reported cases. It’s just the tip of an unseen iceberg.

This disease is not a hoax and it isn’t getting any weaker. Kids are now going down with the nasty Kawasaki symptoms – inflamed heart and blood vessels, fit young people are still ill after months – they are calling it long covid.

The stats show that the biggest increase in numbers is among the 20 and 30 year-olds. Too many are not social distancing. They think they are safe.

Our Track and Trace is still pathetic and not doing its job. Unfortunately, we cannot count on the government for anything! They are hopeless. All that is in their head is Brexit (and the amount of dosh some of them are going to make out of it). Oven-ready???? World-beating????? What a joke!!!

The country is in a mess. As furlough ends the real extent of the damage is becoming clear. Already firms have filed for over 300,000 redundancies.

In both Brazil and the USA Covid-19 cases appear to be going down – but I’m not sure I trust the figures.

Brazil had another 10,273 cases and 310 deaths, while the USA had 26,850 new cases and 261 deaths,

We’ll see how that goes in future days.

The clowns in charge press ahead with their power madness, greed and stupidity. How I hate being ruled by the Bullingdon Boys – a bunch of inept overprivileged toffs. Who put Billy Bunter in charge of our country? But then, who put the ignorant orange clown in charge of the States?

Stay safe everyone!


2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 168

  1. Opher, I plan to do another COVID article around the end of this month. I looked at the stats a week ago, but there was nothing to see. Apart, of course, from the UK spreadsheet I sent you! Oh, and for some reason there is one country, Australia, in which the virus is becoming more lethal rather than less. No idea why, yet. Perhaps it’s a consequence of their idiot policy of keeping it out the first time, and hoping other people would get rid of it.

    As to redundancies, not surprising. Until things are fully back to normal, no-one will spend any money. I’ve had just one pint in a pub, and no restaurant meals, in six months! I am suffering, and my friends are suffering as a result.

    Don’t you understand that the extreme greens want this to happen? And the Tories, and the other major parties, all want that too. All they want is power. That’s why they have been so slow to “unlock.”

    I wanted to say to you “Stay sane,” but a better sign-off would be “Get well soon.”

    1. Hi Neil – I look forward to that Covid report – but I wish you would do a thorough investigation on either global warming or the population crashes that are wiping out so many creatures.
      It is true that most politicians just crave power – but some do care!
      All the best – Opher

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