The Corona Diaries – Day 166

Not such a beautiful day today. It’s raining. But we had a nice morning and I partook of my usual 10K walk with the sun shining. There was a little wildlife around – rabbits and a squirrel, but I’m not seeing anything like the same since they moved all the verges. I think they did for it.

I was brave today; I ventured into a supermarket. Lidls had some fabulous Pastel de Natas. Worth the risk.

It seems that Trumpism is permeating the global consciousness. They had a big rally in Scotland against masks and lockdown. They wanted things back to normal.

I want things back to normal too. I just don’t want to die. If we we go back to normal hundreds of thousands will die.

In the middle of a pandemic, we have to take precautions in order to stop the virus from spreading out of control. We have an inept, dithering government, but I can work it out for myself – distancing, handwashing and masks all make perfect sense. We are dealing with ignorance and stupidity. It’s like the Trump virus is spreading as much as the Corona. This virus is no hoax!

In the UK today there were 1813 new cases and the deaths were up to 12.

There is a debate to be had over whether the virus is less lethal and one to be had over whether we should allow the young to mingle and get the disease in order to create herd immunity. I’d leave that to the scientists who have the data.

Once more I would say that I want good clear information – not this subterfuge and muddled crap.

The USA and Brazil are good examples of what not to do. In the USA there was another 42,080 cases and 711 deaths. In Brazil, it was 31,199 new cases with 701 deaths (but they are up and down like a yoyo). When you have leaders actively promoting fake cures and giving out the message that it’s a hoax or some Deep State plot, the gullible are in trouble. Every one of those hundreds of deaths is a family affected. Most of those could have been saved with good leadership.

I’ll leave you on that note to get back to writing my Harper book. Stay safe!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 166

  1. Opher, Tubularsock agrees except for leaving it up to the scientists part. The “new” science seems to be the “correct” results = money.

    It is known as the NEW scientific method. Sad to say.

    1. That’s only the science funded by vested interest groups Tub. The States is good at thAt! If we don’t believe in proper science we’re in the shit and back into a new dark age where superstition rules and we end up with Trump.

  2. Was that your first supermarket visit in 166 days Opher? What did you think of the in-person shopping experience?

    New C-19 case-numbers for U.K, Sunday 06th September, show a surge rising to 2988 (highest number since May 23rd) (1) Looks like we’re ascending the sharp upward slope of another wave.

    140+ schools in the U.K now affected by C-19 outbreak. Alleged first cluster outbreak at a school in Matt Hancock’s constituency, and that in a market-town, not a densely populated city.

    Interesting post on Skwawkbox regarding preparations for C-19 second-wave in the U.K (2)

    ‘Tis going to be a long autumn and a longer winter.


    (1) –

    (2) –

    1. Yes that was my first – a little troubling. Looking at it with a biological eye I could see no safeguards that would prevent contagion. All looked cosmetic to me. I do not think I’ll be going back for a while!

      This flip-flopping around is unsettling people. These Trumpian calls to reopen are plain daft.

      Schools are not safe places. There is no way that social distancing can take place in most places. This Kawasaki syndrome is also very worrying. Kids might not be at all safe.

      The government is putting out misleading reassurances. They are just crossing their fingers.

      The second wave is coming – we’ll see if the virus is still as lethal.

      Thanks for sending the stuff through Dewin!

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