The Corona Diaries – Day 165

It was another beautiful day in Yorkshire. The sun shone. It was hard to imagine we’re in the middle of a pandemic – apart from the people queueing at the shop wearing facemasks.

I walked up my hill and looked over the land spread out before me, breathed the air and felt great.

Meanwhile, our dappy government is refusing to embrace the future. Instead of encouraging people to work from home, increasing efficiency, personal wellbeing, reducing pollution, freeing up office space for conversion to much-needed homes, and reducing congestion in our cities, they are trying to drive people back to work.  They want to keep the same model of transport and support all the sandwich bars.

Big deal. We would be far better off working at least the majority of the time from home. The transport system could be adapted and the sandwich sellers would have to diversify. The future would look much better without the congestion and pollution. Time to grasp the nettle.

Instead, they are blackmailing the civil servants to have to go in and then they are going to put pressure on. Nuts!!

It seems the tests are not accurately showing who has the virus. It’s showing up fragments of the virus from an old disease.

Our world-beating government and media have downplayed the Russian vaccine. How could it be possible that the Ruskies could come up with it first? They had to be cutting corners! It is bound to be unsafe or ineffective. Well, the reports seem to indicate that it is safe and effective.  So what happens now? Do we buy the vaccine off the Russians and swallow our pride? Or continue to languish in this doldrums of a pandemic?

I bet Trump is in a bit of a quandary. He’s desperate for a vaccine before the election and his Russian friends would surely give it to him. Could he sell that to the US population though?

You have to laugh.

On the Brexit front, all those things labelled Project Fear by Dominic Cummings are coming to pass. The break up of the Union, the loss of jobs, the damage to the economy, the extra tariffs and red-tape, borders in Ireland and the diminution of Great Britain. We’re on our way to becoming third rate! Well done Johnson!

Schools are back and the Covid rate of new cases is surging – up to 1940 yesterday with 10 deaths. As the deaths are a few weeks after the first symptoms we can wait with bated breath to see if the death rate is going to shoot back up or if the virus has weakened.

Meanwhile, in Trumpland the cases have surged past 50,000 yesterday with another 980 deaths. They have shot back past Brazil (with 50,163 new cases and 888 deaths) to regain top spot in incompetence and stupidity.

I like one of Railis jokes today – what borders on stupidity – Mexico and Canada. Trump really has made a laughing stock of the USA.

Anyway, stay safe everyone. Another day – who would have thought??


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