The Corona Diaries – Day 161

The country has gone back to school but it’s hardly normal. Kids are not getting a full education and there is little chance of catching up. The kid next door is receiving 6 2 hour sessions a week.  I wonder what is going to happen to these kids. Those who are intelligent and have parents that care have been doing regular school work but those from less advantaged backgrounds are slipping behind.

Today we went for a long walk up on to the wolds. It was warm and beautiful. The wolds are incredible – chalky gullies and hills. We passed six people in the whole six hours. Butterflies, wildflowers and green. But I’m a bit down. I can’t summon up the energy. I think this lockdown is wearing me down.

Back home I was playing some Blue Cheer and working on my Roy Harper book. Still feeling jaded today. Tomorrow’s a new day!

In the UK we have 1406 new cases and three deaths. We’ll see if going back to school spreads the disease.

In the USA Trump is strutting about claiming to be the god of law and order while America burns in the division he is creating. I bet he gets elected. Meanwhile, there’s another 35,648 new cases and 488 deaths.

In Brazil, there are 45,961 new cases and 553 deaths.

Nothing much happening really. You stay safe!

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