The Corona Diaries – Day 156

We are getting near to the end of August, the end of summer, and into the Autumn. There are worrying times ahead. With the approach of winter, they are expecting a second wave of Covid-19 along with the seasonal flu epidemic. With schools back, the diseases will spread. That’ll spell trouble for medical services!

But I’m making the most of the last days of summer. I was up bright and early climbing up my hill and completing my 10K. It felt good. The sun shone on me. I even came back and painted a few windows!

This afternoon I’ve been inside. It’s been pouring with rain and I’ve been doing some editing and playing the Grateful Dead. Can’t be bad.

I had a real laugh watching Johnson in school. He’s such a twerp of a nincompoop. I can’t imagine what the rest of the world makes of him (or us for electing him).

The government is still in a flat panic. Nothing is working. The oven-ready Brexit talks have stalled and we’re looking at a no-deal – with all the job losses, bureaucracy and red tape that entails (the Tories want to do away with workers’ rights and environmental standards and the EU doesn’t want their markets undercut). The scientists are predicting a second wave of Covid, there is going to be a round of seasonal flu (which will confuse the issue), schools are going back – even if we don’t know quite how, our world-beating Track and Trace is still misfiring (more targets missed), the quack theories on 5G are still circulating, the empty offices have knock-on effects on rents, transport and support services (shops, pubs and sandwiches), the economy is still in a mess and this useless bunch of right-wing extremists aren’t up to the job!

Not to worry – Dominic has the answer. He wants the biggest racist, misogynistic, climate change denier and environmental scourge on the planet. As he couldn’t get Trump he is going for the Aussie jerk Tony Abbott. He’ll fix everything and set up all manner of deals. (Before you know it we’ll be a Third World country).

On a high note, houses are selling like hotcakes. Perhaps everybody is selling up and moving abroad before everything collapses around them?

As we look to January with warnings of food shortages, mass job losses, second waves, epidemics, NHS collapse, and Tony Abbott joining forces with Dominic Cummings, I’m feeling good. Part of me is thinking that the silly plonkers have brought it all on themselves. I know that is not a nice thing to think – but it’s true. I despair of people!

Speaking of which – the rioting is going nicely in the States as another black man is moronically shot seven times in the back at close range for daring to get into his car. Trump, far from sympathising with innocent black men being shot and murdered by police, is threatening to bring more violence down on them. It’s not surprising that he is languishing in the polls.

I watched the Tribe of Trump stirring up hatred and fear at their convention, their only weapons, firing up their base and looking to steal the election through the electoral college. It stinks. I think we could have a civil war if this goes on much longer. America is collapsing in on itself due to incompetence, extremism and madness. The Republican Party has been taken over by the clan of Trump.

Today in the UK we had another 1048 new cases of Covid and 16 deaths – still going up slightly.

In the USA it was up to 42355 with another 1260 deaths. I hope some of those people who still think it’s a hoax and refuse to wear masks or social distance are beginning to get worried. Until it’s under control things cannot get back to normal and they are stopping it getting back to normal.

In Brazil we have a similar fool in charge. The ‘little flu’ has killed another 1085 with 47,162 new cases.

I told you that I despair of people – they are still supporting these incompetent fools.

Anyway – say hello to Tony Abbott if you see him – adios and adieu – fare the well! We’re all doomed!

11 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 156

  1. Hey Opher,

    It’s been quite a day for news and blues in this our sodden Septic Isle, but yet, the lunatics are still running the asylum.

    A recent poll, by the Pew Centre finds that only 46% of the British population believe their country has done a good job handling coronavirus. in the U.S it is 47%. These ‘are the only two countries in the poll where a majority believe their country has not handled the epidemic well.’ (1) Says all that needs to said. Perhaps people are now waking up and smelling the coffee.

    Regards the RNC, I think there needs to be an adequately descriptive collective-term for a tribe of fear-mongering, hate-preaching patriotic zealots like the Trumps.

    The C-19 daily figure, for 27th August, (quoted in the Guardian) of 1,522 new lab-confirmed cases is up from 1,048 yesterday. It is the highest single day figure since June 12: and this just as schools are about to reopen. Doesn’t bode well does it!

    ‘As we look to January with warnings of food shortages, mass job losses, second waves, epidemics, NHS collapse,’ – if this becomes reality, widespread social unrest is likely to follow.

    Dark days ahead Opher, dark days ahead.


    (1) –

    1. I am amazed that 46% think they’ve done OK. I think there is a collective term for the Trumps – slimeballs.
      Schools opening is going to push that figure right up. I think we’re in for a second wave.
      Out of the darkness comes light.

      1. With an 80 seat majority and four more years in power, the light you speak of is going to take a while to push through thick cloud: but it will come, there’s no doubt about that. The darkest hour is always before the dawn.

        Slimeballs! Good shout! Lol Talking of whom, Trump is due to deliver his acceptance speech for the Republican presidential nomination tonight from the White House. Expect externalization: a rambling, meaningless, toxic tirade projected by a failing president.

        I have relatives employed in the teaching sector. It’s fair to say they are apprehensive – even fearful – about schools reopening, but professional to the last, they will be there for the sake of their charges.

        A second wave will be devastating.


      2. But maybe we need to descend into the darkness so that the light can blaze. Following the 2nd World War we had a blossoming of socialism and the birth of the NHS. Who knows what may come out of these next four years – perhaps the complete withering of the Tory Party? In the long run that would be worth it.

      3. We can but hope the electorate will see sense and vote this self-serving, incompetent Tory party out at the next GE: indeed consign them to the abyss from whence they came. That process starts with the removal of Trump from power.

        Catch ya later,


    2. Dewin,

      I already gave Opher this link (and he liked it), but I published an article comparing different countries’ responses to COVID here:

      I don’t think there will be a “second wave.” This virus isn’t a flu, it’s a more than usually lethal version of the common cold. I don’t think it’s seasonal, and with current technology I don’t see any prospect of a vaccine against it. Which means, now that the case fatality rate is starting to go down, people should be having “COVID parties.” (I remember going to a “mumps party” in 1960. The strategy was successful.)

      But I do like your phrase “septic isle.” With social distancing, that should maybe be “septic aisle.”

      1. Hey Neil – I think you’re wrong about that second wave – it’s coming. I’m also not convinced about the falling death tolls. I think we have a much younger profile – not so prone to bad immune reactions – coupled with better treatments. If the young start passing it on to the older, more vulnerable people, they’ll be a big rise in deaths.
        I do think they’ll find a vaccine though. It might not last long – we’ll likely need six-monthly boosters.

      2. Hey Neil,

        I think the potential for an emerging second wave remains a distinct possibility: fueled by the reopening of schools, colleges and universities, and added to by the government’s drive – aided by the right-wing press – to get those currently working from home back to offices in ‘ghost’ towns and city centres: no doubt by using public transport.

        It’s worth pointing out that ‘the R value (transmission rate) for the UK may have risen above 1.0 for the first time since weekly reporting of data began.’ (1).

        A recent increase in case numbers correlates with an easing of lock-down and people moving about more freely. Regarding a decrease in fatality rates, (remembering of course that the Tories changed the method of collating this information – only those who tested positive and died within 28 days) I don’t think anyone has current answers to that question.

        Is C-19 seasonal? From information given by the WHO, it’s suggested it is not seasonal. As we all know, what exacerbates its effect on an individual is the presence of preexisting underlying health conditions, like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), which, when temperatures get colder during winter months, can lead to further strain on the respiratory system. Conditions like flu or asthma can also worsen COPD, and Influenza is most common during the winter months. In addition, as winter approaches, the liklihood of people spending longer periods indoors increases the possibility of transmission and infection within group settings much further.

        I hope that an effective vaccine becomes available. If it does, it will undoubtedly be an individual choice whether to take it.

        Regards C-19 parties. C-19 isn’t mumps! No one knows how severely they will be affected by C-19, or for how long infection MAY result in immunity against future infections. Deliberately being exposed to the virus is not only potentially life-threatening, but totally irresponsible to both oneself, and to others.

        Thank you for enjoying the sceptic isle pun: ’tis a reference to the state of the U.K under the Tories. In the context of C-19, replacing isle for ‘aisle’ is most amusing! cheers.

        Stay safe and well,


        (1) –

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