The Corona Diaries – Day 152

I’m into day 152 of isolation due to Coronavirus. Not surprisingly I haven’t caught it yet. That is probably because my risks are very slight. I do not go into shops, I have my food delivered. I have only met with friends and family outside, with proper distancing.

It has been a tough period of time. It feels as if I am in a bubble.

There have been good things about it though. There has been more time to do things and I do not have to keep thinking about the calendar – there’s nothing on it. The weather has been exceptionally kind and I have been for 152 10K walks – so my fitness is good. It has enabled me to see some exceptional creatures – stoats, red kites, buzzards, barn owls, hares and hedgehogs.

Now we are coming to the crunch time. The weather is going to become worse. We will not be able to meet outside and we all know that the virus is spread much more inside. Already the infection rate is already creeping up – another 1288 contracted the disease yesterday and 18 more people died. I expect that to rise substantially. They estimate that only 15-20% of the population have had it. That still leaves 80%+ to contract it.

If we want to see how bad things can get when you have poor leadership you only have to look at the USA and Brazil. The USA had a further 46,183 cases yesterday and another 1013 deaths. Brazil had 50,032 new cases and 892 deaths. When you put people in charge who don’t know what they are doing and do not understand science this is what happens. Arrogance does not defeat viruses.

In the UK I think a lot of people voted for Johnson because they thought he was a bit of a laugh and he told everyone he was going to sort everything out.

It takes more than words to sort things out. I think a lot of us have had more than enough of the world-beating and oven-ready rhetoric. The sad truth is that they are just enthusiastic, optimistic words, but the deeds have fallen well short of the promise. The App, PPE, and Track and Trace have proved a long way off world-beating and as for oven-ready, the Brexit talks are stalling and nobody has been on top of anything.

The pompous clown lies.

The real truth is that Johnson is a blustering, incompetent, overprivileged windbag of a chancer who is lazy and not on top of anything. He lacks the detail, speaks of the cuff and blunders his way through. There has been no leadership. He keeps going missing and he has a cabinet of extremist Brexiteers who are probably the worst shower we’ve ever had in government. He good rid of anybody with a spark of competence. But there is more to the government than Brexit and there is more to governing than putting incompetent people in charge of crucial roles.

Johnson has shown bad judgement, a lack of knowledge and poor leadership. He should have sacked Cummings and Williamson. But he has nobody to replace them with. All his cabinet stink of the same disease – incompetence.

Gavin Williamson is utterly useless. He was sacked by May.  He should never have been given the brief in the first place. The schools are a couple of weeks away from opening and still have not received guidance.

Dominic Cummings should be long gone. Instead, he is still causing mayhem with a range of daft ideas (such as disbanding the health system in the midst of a pandemic and putting Dido in charge (already a proven failure on track and trace))

No wonder people have stopped listening to these clowns. People are mingling as if there is no virus. I place the blame squarely on Cummings and Johnson.

The government is either in a blind panic or complacent never-never land. The real world is in chaos.

Competence is more important than mere loyalty. If they can’t do the job they shouldn’t be there.

Even with all this catalogue of stupidity and uselessness the government still retains a slender lead – which just shows how stupid the electorate really is. But we will see what happens in the next six months. When the furlough scheme ends there will be up to a million redundancies. When Brexit kicks in next January we will see how many more firms go to the wall, how many more jobs are lost, how much prices rise and what extra red-tape there will be.

We’ll see then if the country thinks it was a good idea to put a clown into office with a bunch of diddy-men to back him up!

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