The Corona Diaries – Day 140.

It’s sometimes good to be world-beating – but not when it comes to being the country worst hit by Covid-19 deaths and with an economy that is the worst as well.

Well done Johnson! We knew you could do it! We’re now waiting to see how brilliantly you handle Brexit and make all these world-beating deals with other countries!

Chlorinated KFC – yummy. Steroid beefed-up beef – awesome! GM bread – fabulous.

The football’s been great though! I’m making the most of it. It might not last much longer. Not only is Covid on the rise but we have daft overpaid footballers out drinking in the bar or nipping over to Spain. Some of them are none too bright!

What we have to work out is whether the increased numbers of cases (over a thousand again today) is due to increased testing or a real increase in cases. What the experts say is that we have to really act quickly when the cases are low. It’s too late when they have risen.

But don’t worry, Johnson has a plan – he’s going to just lower the numbers!! Genius!! Dominic is surpassing himself. We count the dead differently and drop it by 5000 at a stroke!

I bet they are going to do the same with the unemployment figures and the cost to the economy. In fact, by next week I expect to see us surpassing every other country in the world!! We’ll be world-beating!!

When Brexit happens I bet they’ll tell us that it’s all brilliant too – no businesses shutting, no firms heading abroad, no car plants exiting, no unemployment or hit to the economy – a whole load of lucrative deals waiting to be signed.

While the USA soars back up to 54,443 new cases and another 1334 deaths. How long before everybody realises that Trump has excelled himself at ineptitude?? I guess some will die still believing.

In Brazil it is back up to 52,160. It seems that Bolsonaro wants to catch up with Trump for sheer stupidity.

I’m making the most of this lockdown. Once again the weather has been gorgeous. We went for a long walk to the village of Harpham, had an outdoor meal and a couple of pints. 27 degrees of wonder. The day hummed.

Back home I’ve been playing Aretha Franklin and sorting furniture!!

Tomorrow I’m doing writing!!

Stay safe!!


2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 140.

  1. Seems to me Opher that Tory desperation is the father of re-invention…fake it if you can’t make it.

    Good to hear you’re out-n-about enjoying the hot weather. Stay safe and well!


    1. The Tories have to lie. If they told the truth they would never get elected. When everybody got the vote they were terrified that their world would be turned upside down but they learnt how to control the masses through propaganda and lies.

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