Today’s Music to keep me sanEEEEEE in Isolation – the Fall.

The Fall were one of the few bands I really enjoyed going to see. They were brilliant live. They were still performing in small clubs which made it all superb, up-close and exciting. They never lost that. The riffs. The adventure.

Recently, at the last couple of gigs I attended, Mark E was acting strange. In Hull he went and sat behind the speakers so that you could only see the top of the back of his head. In York he disappeared into the dressing room at the back of the stage. I could just see him. He was spawled over the settee. He performed most of the gig from there.

I thought it was all part of the act. But then he went and died!

So few acts I can be bothered to go and see now. Probably half the venues will be closed anyway!

I so miss the Fall.

Today I’ll be reliving those gigs in my head as I play the Fall!!

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