The Corona Diaries – Day 125

I was amazed to hear that the Brazilian Health Workers are taking Bolsonaro to the international court on charges of ‘Crimes against Humanity’ for his inept handling of the Coronavirus.

Perhaps the health workers in the UK and USA can join them and put the three incompetent populists on trial?? I wonder how many they have killed between them?

Today was another nice day in Yorkshire. I spent the morning on the beach with my son and grandchildren. Glorious.

This afternoon I’m listening to some Sam and Dave. It’s always good to have a bit of Soul.

The latest thinking on Covid-19 seems to indicate that it is more of a vascular disease than a respiratory one. The effect is to cause inflammation of blood vessels which can result in clots, damage to heart and brain.

I can see why Spain is furious. Both the Canary Islands and Balearic islands have a much lower rate of infection than the UK (as does most of Spain). This is the government, having messed up earlier trying to act big and making a pig’s ear of that too!

What a bunch of tossers!!

Anyway – stay safe – appreciate the fine weather and stay out of enclosed spaces!! It’ll all be over one day!

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