The Corona Diaries – Day 124

I’m beginning to get used to wearing a facemask! It still steams my glasses up though. Maybe I need one of those medical ones with a filter?

Today I met up with the grandchildren again. We had a walk and ice-cream! Very organised at Mr Moos! A one-way system, two-metre marks, contactless payment and a big marquee tent. They were very busy but it all felt safe. I bet they didn’t do this when the Black Death was around!

There is a lot of controversy regarding the blanket ban on Spanish travel (with a 14-day quarantine on return). It appears that most parts of Spain are no trouble. I can’t help thinking this is political.  Back when we were at our peak of infection rate they let 2 million people back with no checks or quarantine. Horse, shut door and bolted, comes to mind.

Our new cases are the same as yesterday – 726 – still quite high. There is going to be a large reservoir when winter comes around. That’s when the surge will happen – far too much complacency.

Still over 58,630 new cases in the USA. I wonder how those people who thought it was just a hoax feel now? Or the ones who thought it was was Trump told them – a little flu? There are now mass graves, death panels and hospitals overwhelmed. Well done Trump – world’s No. 1!!

Today I’ve had little time for any writing but I have played some Little Walter. I haven’t played anything by him for a long while – it’s good to reconnect!

Stay safe everybody! The end is not nigh!!



13 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 124

  1. Hi, Opher, the mask querade begins here! I find rubbing a bit of washing up liquid over your glasses and wiping off of course, but it helps keep steam free a bit longer. Perhaps a lighter mask too, we have some cheap throw away ones from our Spanish supermarket but can be washed a couple of times. Unfortunately some are seen lying on the ground by those who can not be responsible for their own rubbish or infections! Keep well and safe.

    1. Hi Georgina – I hadn’t thought of the washing up liquid. I’ll give it a try! Thanks.
      What is going on with all this littering? It seems to have created an epidemic in its on right! What is wrong with people??
      All the best to you too!

  2. Seems a bit of bravado in the UK clamp down on Spain, trying to look decisive after so much dither, mayhap? Just comes across as jumpy to me – not surprised with the lack of track & trace, etc.

    1. I think they know that they’re going to come in for a lot of criticism for doing everything too slowly – going to the other extreme – but the damage is done.

      1. There’s a cold intelligence at work behind their current pronouncements, which are designed to rewrite history. “We would have liked to understand the virus better.” Fill in the gaps – but they gave us the wrong info?

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