Jerusalem – The Wailing Wall – photos

The wailing wall is the holiest site for the Jewish people. They come from all over the world to pray at the site. It is the remains of the sacred second temple destroyed by the Romans.

Ironically we entered through the Dung Gate.

It is open to all people – Christians, Muslims, Jews and atheists like me – but you have to pass through a security check in order to get in.

There were lots of people in uniform.

Including the odd Muslim.

As usual with the Abrahamic tradition, where women are second-class citizens, there was segregation by gender. The women had their bit of the wall and the men theirs.

It says that you should keep the word of god before you at all times – so what better way than to strap it to your head??

All very devout!

17 thoughts on “Jerusalem – The Wailing Wall – photos

    1. I’m not familiar with the term but I gather it’s something to do with repentance – in which case I might have been there some considerable time.

      1. It means returns again or born again. It’s certainly a path in life that many take, as you can see by all those guys at the Wall. Singer’s The Penitent, which is his translation of chozer tshoova is a magnificent little novel that you might like. Maybe his best. Much of it set in Jerusalem.

      2. Singer is one of my favorites. As for religion, 50 million Frenchmen can’t be wrong. It sure has been a constant over the years. As for Judaism,it’s a huge part of my lifestyle/culture and identity, even without the religion.

      3. I’d like to think we’ve reached a point where we can move on from tribal into a more global perspective – but it doesn’t appear that we can.

  1. Too many wonderful photos. I grew up with Jewish friends, some devout. I wish everyone could have that opportunity. It brings understanding. And that’s only one religion.

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