The Corona Diaries – Day 115

The grim reality of this protracted lockdown is that the economy has been wrecked. Johnson is desperate to open it up and get it going again. The trouble is that the virus hasn’t gone away. It there more prevalent than it was when we locked down. If we gather together indoors it will start up again.

That’s a real dilemma.

The answer is for as many people to work from home as possible. But that creates further problems. If the transport system is not used then it cannot be financially sustained. If people are not buying lunches and going for a drink all those businesses can’t manage.

It seems to me that things are going to have to change on a permanent basis. People will need to work from home but have a couple of days in the office for people to meet up – that synergy and creativity bouncing off each other.

The city centres won’t need so many offices. Some of that office space could be converted to housing for young people to live in the city centre where the action is. Businesses and transport will have to adapt. More cycle lanes and pedestrianisation.

Seems a great opportunity to me! Solve the housing shortage, change the city centres, reduce pollution, make people fitter and keep the economy running. Win win win win.

I think Johnson needs me in his cabinet – I’d get the test, trace and track system going, organise an app (the German model looks good) and get the country back to work. I’d have the virus eradicated in no time!

So while I was musing on that I was playing my Clash albums and doing a bit of writing. My calf is still sore so I’m limited to walking in the house but we managed to get out to visit friends and share a distanced meal in the garden with a lot of natter (mainly about Covid and Brexit) with a glass or two of wine!! So nice to interact even if it isn’t like normal.

Stay safe everyone!!


4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 115

  1. I vote for you to be PM. The downtown office space that in most cities borders skid row anyway should be converted to bail everyone out. But until the city/counties actually do something it takes years.
    So, you have my vote.

    1. Cheers Bumba I appreciate it – just twenty million more and I’m a shoe-in! I agree. Let’s convert those offices and show a caring side!

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