The Corona Diaries – Day 103

I’ve forgotten what I set out to do when I started writing this diary.  It seems so long ago. I remember – I was trying to record what was going on around me, what I was doing and how I was feeling about it all.

So, Life has gone back to a strange new normal with people avoiding each other as we pass on the street, some wearing facemasks and queues outside the shop. I didn’t check the pubs to see if they had opened. They seemed to be surviving by doing takeaway meals. The hairdresser has opened but by telephone appointment. The fish and chip shop has opened but just Thursday to Saturday.

People here seem very careful at keeping distance and they are still being very friendly. I have noticed a lot of litter. What is it with this new litter-lout mentality? Going on my walk up my hill there are places where cars can park up. It is a beautiful country place with a view. These idiots have come along with fish and chips and cans of drink and just dumped the wrappers and empty cans on the ground. Why would anyone go somewhere beautiful, to enjoy the place, and then go and mess it up?? Doesn’t make sense!

I live in a village so the density of people is low but I’ve heard reports from friends about people behaving daft in some of the towns.

I have met up for social distanced walks and picnics with friends and family outside and will do more of that but I’m not going indoors yet.

The latest evidence seems to indicate that the virus is mainly passed on by aerosol in poorly ventilated spaces. That suggests to me that opening pubs and restaurants might not be a good idea. Beer gardens and outside eating is the way forward until the virus is eradicated.

Scotland and Wales seem well on the way to eradicating it. We seem to be lagging behind. But then we have a dithering nincompoop leading us.

Looking abroad at the mess in the States and Brazil – I think we can see what happens with poor leadership. We’re among the worst but the States takes the biscuit. They were interviewing some Americans who were plain nuts. One guy said that he was American – nobody told him what to do. Another woman was shouting about wearing facemasks was a deep-state plot.  Truly nuts. I dread to think what the death-rate is going to be.

Here the death-rate is coming down – just 22 deaths today but 622 new cases (up on last two days). With a good track and trace system we could eradicate it – but unfortunately………………….

We won’t know the effects of the pubs opening for another two weeks or more. We’ll see.

Today the NHS was 72 years old. I’ve had free care and health security all my life. What a great institution (brought in by a Labour Government in the face of fierce Tory opposition). Perhaps the Tory bastards will stop trying to privatise it and sell off to the Americans?? I suggest a big pay rise for NHS workers. That’s the best way to show appreciation. I was glad to show my support – costs a fraction of the US system and is free for everyone.

As for me – my life has got into a routine. I go for a two-hour walk every day. I do some writing, sort some photos, tend my blog, and have been doing a lot of decorating. We seem to have done the whole house!! Today I painted the ceiling of our front room. There are not enough hours. Oh – and I’ve been watching TV and football! Plus I’ve been playing music every day and selecting a singer to focus on – today was PJ Harvey.

How do I feel?? I’m feeling a bit jaded. I’ll be glad when it’s all over.

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 103

    1. Lol – thoroughly agree with you about cricket. But on par for the government. They’ve been inept on everything else. It’s just one more.
      I think that there is a madness at work with litter. The virus has turned a minority into thoughtless cretins.

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