The Corona Diaries – Day 102

The main problem is that this has become real. I cannot remember actually interacting normally. For nearly a third of a year, I’ve been isolating. No gigs, friends of touching other people. It takes its toll. I’m beginning to feel lethargic and numb. Not good.

Outside, the world is starting up but I am very wary. Being in a vulnerable group I can see the implications. The virus is still there. The government is desperate to restart the economy; they are taking a risk. It’s not one I’m yet prepared to take.

The Corona Virus hits a new peak worldwide, America and Brazil are surging, and we still have 829 new cases a day. It doesn’t take much for that to go mad. If people don’t social distance it could go exponential. I’m staying in. The worst place to be is inside with strangers!

Trump stupidly holds rallies. Bolsonaro stays in denial, and Johnson acts like an enthusiastic fool with no strategy. Where’s the clear advice? Where the test and trace? This is bloody July!! We’ve had since January!! Now the stupid Brexiteers are holding back from joining the EU vaccine scheme. They’ve already missed out on PPE and ventilators. These guys are nuts – ideology before people!!

After yesterday’s frenetic Dead Kennedys I cooled it down with some Booker T and the MGs while I decorated the front room.

Cheers To Matt Krueger for publishing his magazine on Bukowski – It has one of my poems in it! Grab a copy quick. It’s a limited edition!

I went for my daily walk up my hill with a brooding sky and threat of violence. It was sultry. I thought that suited the day. The pubs are open. Trouble is brewing

Stay safe.

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 102

  1. It is like standing on a moving deck never knowing which way the waves will toss the boat! Here, we have been largely shielded from the worst. But Victoria ias having ever increasing numbers of new cases. The mood is voilatile. And toilet paper hoarding has reared its ugle head again.

      1. I think that is where we will be heading as well. They have their eye on the economy and not the virus. People are becoming complacent. They are sending out the wrong messages.

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