Some more photos and thoughts from Java.

These shots were mainly taken through the window of a moving coach So I apologise for the quality but they do seem to me to give an impression of various aspects of the country.

Paddy fields were evident throughout the country. The volcanic soil was very rich.

The country is quite poor with a large agricultural population. It was common to see families on scooters, sometimes with as many as three kids perched among the adults. This seems very dangerous and precarious to us but is just part of the way of life in many eastern countries.

The natural world is in retreat but it is still there.

There is evidence of past civilisations who have fallen into decay.

Poverty is prevalent. Whenever they see foreigners, with our huge wealth, they are desperate to sell us their tourist trivia and trinkets. You can see the desperation on their faces.

The locals are friendly.

Islam has largely replaced Buddhism.

Is there anything we can learn from the rise and fall of civilisations and religions??