Quantum Fever – Some of the ideas that went into the novel.

Quantum Fever – Some of the ideas

I find it interesting to look at issues that are affecting society at this moment in time, progress them into the future and exaggerate them. The background themes were thus runaway capitalism, environmentalism, overpopulation, control of that population and the greedy elite who control it all.

This future society consists of a system of many planets, all heavily populated with people living in tiny ‘doms’, arranged in layer upon layer over the whole surface of the planets, fed with drugs and consuming immersive programming.

In order for this enormous population to be maintained and supplied with their basic needs (air, water and food) there is a constant need for new resources. Planets are plundered.

Big business run a number of Quships, spacecraft that jump through quantum space to discover other planets to plunder. This is a dangerous business. Jumping quantum space can prove dangerous to the human mind. People suffer a type of madness that is widely known as quantum fever.

This story is based upon one of those Quships and its discovery of a strange planet, a planet that had evidence of an extinct intelligent civilisation.

The intrigue that follows is based around the corruption and greed of big business and politicians, the nature of this alien culture and its resurrection, and a dissident group who wanted a more natural lifestyle.

Was the Quship captain suffering from quantum fever? Or was she being microcontrolled by her employers?

It proved a fertile arena for creating characters and moving them through these scenarios.

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