The Corona Diaries – Day 107

What is quite apparent (and disturbing) is that despite their obvious ineptitude the Tories are maintaining a lead (if a little reduced) over Labour. Johnson appears to have been able to ride out the Cummings fiasco and diverted attention away from his incompetence. He is also hiding the gravity of the Brexit situation from public view.

You have to give him credit; he’s a first-class conman.

Whether, once this mess is over, the proper scrutiny of government actions will take place, is anybody’s guess. They have the media in their pocket. But surely questions about the Cygnus report, the lack of PPE, the state of the NHS which has been run down under the Tories, the lack of beds and ventilators, the way the elderly were treated, the fiasco of the Test and Trace app, the inept Test and Trace system and the timing of lockdown, must all come into play? We don’t get to have the worst record in Europe for nothing!

For all his jolly cheer leading real leadership has been sadly lacking. I think they have shown up Johnson for what he is – an empty puppet, lazy and incompetent, operated by Cummings. The sooner the electorate wakes up to that, the better. We’ll see what happens when the job losses kick in and are compounded by job losses from Brexit. Maybe reality will hit home.

Meanwhile in the USA Corona is getting out of control. A combination of opening too soon coupled with a lot of denial and stupid behaviour has created the highest rise in new cases yet. Trump is trying to pass it off as a result of more testing but that isn’t the case. It’s bad management and poor leadership.

The number of new cases is still over 900. It appears to have plateaued. Time will tell if it will come down or go into a second surge. My money’s on a surge.  Until the government get their track and trace going properly I don’t think we’ll be in control.

Sadly it seems that now we are coming out of lockdown no lessons have been learnt. The roads are back to normal. Nature is on the retreat. I was hoping for more working from home and less traffic.

Today is a miserable day. It’s cold and wet. The T-shirt, shorts and sandals are back in the cupboard. I’m back in trousers, shoes, jacket and rainproof. I even wore gloves for my walk! Did not see any nature at all. The animals were all sheltering.

So I went back home, put on my Tom Robinson Band and started sorting photos!

Stay safe everyone!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 107

  1. Well Opher, from what you are reporting about Johnson and the continued mess Dump is making of things it appears what we have here is a race to the bottom!

    It is good to have a direction.

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