The Corona Diaries – Day 98

Well our world beating app was scrapped. Like our world beating response to Covid 19. Like our world beating preparation for a pandemic. Like our world beating return to school. Like anything world beating that we do.

All Johnson thinks he has to do is to say its all world beating and it will be. What a clown! He’s all bluster and wind. Pathetic.

We have a scarecrow for a prime minister!!

It looks to me as if the 2 metre rule is on its way out. We are now going to be told that 1 metre is great! The scientists say so! Of course it depends on which scientists you want to believe.

In the States the pandemic looks to be getting worse and Trump is doing his bit by holding a mass meeting! Makes sense!! He’s looking more of a shambles by the minute. Not a clue. America now tops 2.25 million cases and Brazil 1 million. Two countries in which the pandemic is getting out of control – still pretending it isn’t happening. All Trump cares about is re-election!

Here Johnson’s popularity is collapsing just like Trump’s is. Hopefully this is the end of this right-wing populism. Maybe we can build something better when this virus is over??

Fortunately the weather is better than our governance. This morning I went up my hill and continued my five mile walks. I have walked in excess of five miles every single day in lockdown – that’s 94 five mile + walks! I’m getting quite fit!

Back home I played my James Varda, wrote a poem and we had friends round for a SD natter.  The government did not come out too well.

Stay safe everyone!!

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