The Corona Diaries – Day 83

Well we are officially second in the whole world!!! Second for the number of deaths per million of the population. The only place worse than us is the USA!! But coming up fast on the outside is Brazil! They started late but look like they will overtake us all!!

So Johnson, Trump and Bolsonaro – three populists who know how to get elected but haven’t got a clue how to do anything!!

Johnson is still talking big but producing little. We’ve had the fiasco with the Cygnus report, PPE, Care Homes and now Testing. One scientist said that it doesn’t look like they’ll get the testing and follow up sorted for months and could not believe why they hadn’t used the GPs when that system was already in place. Perhaps they hadn’t thought of it??

Incompetence is costing thousands of lives!!

Two weeks until football is back!!

Three weeks ago I did my back in with a sneeze. It is still incapacitating me and I did an online physio assessment today. It seems I have a prolapsed disc – not good. But it is not too bad. It will heal if I do the exercises. It will just take five weeks or so!! No bending, lifting or housework (could be worse!)

So today I’ve been playing Arthur Alexander – some good fifties R&B. Which is great.

I went for a long walk up my hill in rather blustery conditions and have done little else!!

I never really expected these diaries to go on this long. I think I expected to go down with covid and report on that. But I haven’t and maybe won’t.

So I’m staying safe! You do the same!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 83

  1. Opher, the UK is indeed second worst in the world among major countries in terms of deaths per million. But you missed out the caveat: “among major countries.” Among all reporting countries, the UK is fourth, behind only San Marino, Belgium and Andorra. Small countries seem to get this virus either very hard (like San Marino) or very easy (like the Faeroes and Iceland). The US, by the way, is currently 12th.

    As to your new favourite hill, is it the Yorkshire Wolds Way that goes from South Cave up to High Hunsley? That’s about the 3 miles you quote. I found a blog post: If that’s your local walk, I envy you.

    1. I’m not sure where you got the stats to say the US is twelfth. I’ve never seen that. On every graph I’ve seen it’s well top of the list. You must be including some tiddlers.
      I wish it were Neil. I’ve walked the Wolds Way a number of times. But that would be a shortish car drive away. My hill is just outside my village (nafferton) and just as beautiful in its own way!

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