The Corona Diaries – Day 78

We’re heading off into the twelfth week of isolation. We are still not ill neither do we know of anyone in the village who has had the virus. We do hear tales from friends in York and Driffield of people who have died. We also hear the scare stories about life on a ventilator. Not particularly enamoured to make that acquaintance.

The scientists are predicting disaster but Johnson is blithely pressing on. We’re heading back to work (gradually) and from tomorrow we can meet up with up to six members of another household – with full social distancing and safeguards (washing hands, not touching anything).

I am arranging to go for a walk with a friend, have talked of meeting up with family in a park somewhere out in the open, and will see if we can meet up for a SD picnic with other friends. That will be nice and not too much of a risk.

However, looking at the news, it appears that a large segment of the population has gone nuts. Following the Cummings fiasco they have decided to ignore anything emanating from Johnson and are meeting up in large groups. Beaches are packed. They are all claiming to be testing their eyesight and swear they are from the same household.

The Cummings effect is looking as if it might kill off thousands more. Let’s hope that Johnson and Cummings think it’s worth it! At least they’ll get Brexit done (and land us all in another load of shit!).

The population still doesn’t appear to have woken up to the fact that we have been conned by a bunch of over-privileged twats, all out to exploit us for personal gain. (How much are May, Cameron, Osborne and Rees-Mogg making on the back of all this???)

Press on regardless! That’s best. I just hope this doesn’t delay or put a halt to the restart of the premiership!!  I know – trivial!

Today there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I set off up my hill and looked for more stoats and foxes but without luck. Unfortunately traffic is back to normal. I kept having to step off the lane to allow cars, vans and cyclists past. Nature is once again being pushed back into the periphery. So much for a new start, a new normality. It’s straight back to the old ways as soon as possible.

Fortunately today I’ve been playing Leonard Cohen to cheer me up. I’ve loved it. I finished reading my Iain M Banks book (I finished the Michelle Obama a few days ago) but am still reading my Woody Guthrie and Olaf Stapledon.

I’ve edited chapters 25 and 26 of my Roy Harper book and am contemplating writing a new Sci-fi book – or at least adapting a previous failure into a success. I have ideas!!

So today was another fruitful day!!

Stay Safe!!!!!

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