The Corona Diaries – Day 77

That’s eleven weeks in isolation. Today’s my birthday! My first birthday in lockdown – not quite the same as usual. I hope they’ve got something sorted before my next birthday!

From Monday the rules are relaxed. I’m not sure that’s a good idea. 4 of the scientists involved have gone on record saying that it is too early. But there are still 2,500 new cases a day! That’s a lot. But Johnson is pressing ahead.

It seems to me that a lot of people think it’s over. Places are crowded and social distancing is not being observed. I predict a big second surge. People are too daft.

Speaking of which – Cummings is still in place (even though his eyesight and morality is poor). The situation with Emily Maitliss is still uncertain. For her to be castigated for speaking out about Cumming’s ludicrous story is absurd.

Today I walked up my hill in glorious sunshine and was brought to a halt at the top. In front of me a family of stoats, eight in all, crossed the road twenty paces in front of me. It was a wondrous sight. The way they sinuously moved, so fluid, bobbing and sleek. They disappeared into the long grass of the verge. I have seen the odd stoat and weasel in the past but never a whole family of them. It made my day. They were so incredibly beautiful.

Nature was buzzing and all the world was one.

Back home I am still angry over the political fiasco so for today’s music I chose Gang of Four. I’ve been pounding out political punk! Great stuff.

It’s been a good day. We had a family zoom. I saw my son with nice presents. I’ve even got a cake.

Apart from Covid and politicians (capitalists and the people damaging the environment) – all is right with the world!

I hope you enjoyed your day half as much! We’ve survived another day.

Stay safe.

6 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 77

  1. Happy Birthday Opher! Of course your next birthday will be celebrated under very different circumstances with the family enjoying the occasion in person with you. As it was, Gaia, knowing of your passion for Nature, celebrated with you by way of having a family of stoats cross your path. Not a bad present for a nature-lover! 😀

    That SAGE scientists speak out against easing lock-down restrictions have many querying whether the government is actually following scientific advice at all? Their easing of lock-down despite advice to the contrary suggests decisions surrounding public health – and C-19 specifically – are politically motivated. It remains to be seen what effect such potentially damaging political decisions have on the total number of deaths attributed to the virus in the U.K, but like you, I think there will undoubtedly be a big second-wave, but I hope I’ll be proven wrong.

    MP’s are rightly still receiving emails from constituents appalled by Cummings’ behavior and Johnson’s spineless dismissal of it. Indeed there is a petition doing the rounds with a million+ signatures calling on Cummings to be fired. The U.K electorate will not forget such wrong-doing.

    So, what thoughts do you have about the protests sweeping America following the third-degree murder of George Floyd by a U.S police officer? As I understand it, two other police officers who assisted with the arrest may also face charges. It also appears that journalists and film-crews reporting on the protests at certain locations have been targeted by the police. I even watched a video clip of a police officer allegedly firing pepper bullets directly at a reporter! (1) We may not be able to get rid of BJ or DC, but Americans have the opportunity to oust Trump in November.

    ‘Apart from Covid and politicians (capitalists and the people damaging the environment) – all is right with the world!’ Really? The world is a chaotic mess!

    Happy Birthday!


    (1) –

    1. A truly beautiful, but strange, day in the midst of great turmoil. The level of division and hate is bearing fruit.
      Trump and Cummings will not go quietly! We’ll see what the future holds. Turmoil, strife, lies and propaganda I reckon.
      Race hate and violence is horrible to behold!!
      But the cycle turns.

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