Life’s A Beach!

good to get some unbiased reporting.

a nomad in cyberspace

This newspaper – unlike far too many others in these trying times – has a firm policy of seeking out good-news stories. We are therefore pleased to report an overwhelming consensus of opinion amongst Bafflesby residents that the huge influx of visitors to Baffle Bay over the weekend was a disgrace or an outrage or, to several we canvassed, a disgrace and an outrage. Such a measure of agreement has, alas, been rare in recent years and any cessation of local hostilities – however temporary – is surely to be welcomed.

It seems most of these sun-worshippers were, as Bafflesby folk might put it, ‘not from round here’. Why else would they not have read and heeded our clear and unequivocal warning in last Wednesday’s edition, also published on the Come to Beautiful Bafflesby webpage?

Our usual warm welcome to Baffle Bay and its wonderful, world-famous seven-mile stretch of…

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10 thoughts on “Life’s A Beach!

      1. That’s because there’s so much to be angry about Dave. Hatred is such a negative force but there are things to hate and despise – poverty, environmental damage, killing animals, war, inequality, greed, selfishness, violence, political lies, propaganda, populism – all good things to hate and despise!

      2. Exactly. I think hating people is counterproductive but hating what is going on is valid as long as one does not become consumed by it.

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